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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Suddenly I feel that there are so many things to do yet so little time! Yesterday, Hubby helped me to pack my stuffs from my living hall cupboard and it already took up space of 5 boxes! This have not yet include of my clothes and footwear. Not to mention, Hubby’s stuffs too. I didn’t knew that packing is so tiring that this morning when I wake up, I still felt tired and had difficulty to wake up! Later on right after work, Hubby will collect again some boxes nearby the provision shops and by today, we MUST packed our stuffs as tomorrow we will be sleeping over at his place and Friday I’m on No Pay Leave to run some errands. If you have read my previous entry, you will know what is happening on Friday. Come Saturday morning, together with my dad in-law we will do the shifting of boxes. Luckily, dad in-law was kind enough to rent a lorry and this make shifting more easily. But it’s not only because of us, he rent a lorry. Sunday will be Kak Nur Engagement Day and dad in-law need to pick up Mak Busu (from KL) and Mak Andak (from Penang) with their family members when they arrive in Singapore on Saturday. We will gotong-royong to prepare for the event on Sunday. What’s more it’s convenient to travel with vehicle. The event will take place at Sengkang and going to and fro from Woodlands is no big joke ok! Mind you, with my big bulging tummy, traveling far is what I dislike the most.

The work will not stop there. We still have to unpack the boxes! I can imagine how our room will look like with full of boxes and baby items! As what Hubby mention, our room is already like a store room! With Mak Busu and Mak Andak families staying over at our place this weekend, it will be more chaotic! But no matter what, I still have to do the unpacking slowly and bit by bit and also with the help of my mum in-law of course!

As I’m typing this entry, I can foresee myself waking up more earlier than before to go work starting this Monday. It’s a bit far than usual as my place at Lakeside is near to Jurong East where my company transport is located. I will definitely miss my cat (how I wish I can bring her along!), my bed, my computer & my family members. It will be a totally new experience staying permanently with in-laws. I guess I can only blog, check my email, facebook & etc when I’m at work as there’s no computer at his place. Bummer!

Next update will be on my check-up this Friday! Hopefully, there’s good news to share from my gynae. Just hold on, yeah.

4:12 PM

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