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Saturday, December 12, 2009

I’m still here. Not yet in labour. Hubby gets his off and accompanied me for the check-up on 10 December. My appointment was at 10am but the usual Hubby has difficulty waking up early. With the peak hours, we hailed a cab. Usually we will take the MRT and shuttle bus to NUH. The journey from Admiralty to NUH is far ok! During the check-up, my blood pressure was taken, my lab result indicates that I do not have any infection but my blood count is low. The gynae insist for me to eat lots of red meat and veggies till my delivery. So, we have book the delivery and ward room. Luckily, the cost of delivery and ward charges can be used under my medisave and be reimburse back. We have our lunch at NUH canteen before making way to Jurong East area and IMM. I actually shop again for baby items! I think I can’t resist seeing baby items. Too cute! And yesterday, my manager gave me 5 baby bodysuits and it’s pretty in pink! Not to forget, a box of toiletries for Christmas gift, in pink too! Just what I need for my hospital bag. Super love it.

Baby bag and hospital bag has been packed, at last! So no more worries, just in case I might go into labour early. Our room has been neatly organized with the help of my mum in-law. Only left with few baby items to buy and also booking of nenek urut. This coming Monday, the new girl that is replacing me while I’m on maternity leave will be coming in and I have lots of things to teach her. I’ll be dropping by my parents place later after work. Missing them truckloads.

10:01 AM

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