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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

First and foremost, I had my check-up on 04 December during my 34 weeks. I was a bit anxious than usual as I badly want to know the weight of my baby. Hubby did not accompany me for the last scan as he was ORD on that day. He was more anxious to take his pink IC back rather to accompany me! So, mum in-law went inside the ultra scan room together with me. Everything was perfectly fine. The much awaited news is that my baby has gained weight up to 2kg. The previous scan was done on 17 November and she weight around 1.6kg. Syukur alhamdullilah. At least she gained weight but I’m the one who lose weight. From 49kg to 47kg, that is.

Usually after the ultra scan, I have to see the gynae at Clinic G, NUH. By the time my ultra scan was done, Hubby was already back. So, he accompanied me inside and told the gynae that I’ve been having a lot of white discharge. The gynae did a VE (vagina examination) on me and was told that I have to come back on 10 December (which is tmr!). If the result indicates good news meaning, there’s no infection and not water bag break a bit by bit, then I’m save. If there’s infection and the white discharge is included together with water bag, then I will have to go for force labour. Ouch! Hopefully, it will be good news for me tomorrow. I DO NOT WANT to be force into labour. Let it be natural, insya-allah. But no matter what, I’ve to prepare for the worst. Tonight willl be packing my hospital bag, just in case I’m going into labour tomorrow.

4:14 PM

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