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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

As usual, I’ve been neglecting this blog of mine for a long period of time due to laziness. Many events had happened during my MIA. The latest event is Dinah’s brother wedding. The wedding was grand and the food was delicious! I could have taken 2-3 rounds of it but I’m easily bloated now days. What do you expect? I’m 34 weeks pregnant already. Did some catching up with my babes Dinah & Jaz. It’s been a while since we saw each other. Pictures are up at my facebook. Do add me at nadirah-@hotmail.com if you want to view. I’m just too lazy to upload here. To my friends, I’ve changed my cell phone number too. Do pm me via e-mail or etc. You know the drill.

Now for the latest update of my pregnancy. Had my details scan and check up on 17 November at NUH. Everything is normal for the baby except that her current weight is only 1.6kg at 32 weeks. I was dumbfounded. How can that be when I eat a lot? Not only that, I eat nutritious food and take my medication regularly. It’s considered small for a baby during her 32 weeks. So, my gynae gave me another medication and hopefully by the time I give birth, the baby will weigh around 2kg, insya-allah. The baby head is already ‘below’ and that means I can give birth normal. Not only that, I can give birth anytime starting on 24 December although my EDD is on 14 January 2010. The baby name had been changed to Baby ‘A.’ Let that be a secret for now till her arrival, insya-allah.

For the baby items, 90% of it had been bought. This Friday Hubby will be buying some more baby items. What brand is good for milk and pampers? We have yet to find out. Our room at my in-laws place is in such a mess with baby items such as strollers, cot, toys, foam mat, baby’s shelf & etc! Our items have not been brought in yet from my house! Last week, there was a sale at Kaki Bukit for baby stuffs and bought mostly of the items. Baby bag had been packed except for my hospital bag. The thing is Hubby & I have yet to pack our stuffs from my house to shift to my in-laws place on 5 December as dad in-law rent a lorry. December will be such a busy month for us with Hubby’s ORD on 4 December, my last check-up & scan on 4 December, packing of our stuffs, attending weddings and engagement ceremonies, teaching the new girl of my job duties during my maternity leave, Hubby still finding for a job under company and not on contract based and Jurong Town Primary School’s gathering on 19 December and still survery-ing for nenek/mak cik urut. Such a busy month! To Nana Chica & Mrs Sayang, let’s countdown together on who will give birth first. ;p

3:09 PM

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