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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh well, this blog is already dusty. I’m not so active in blogger due to facebook. Everything is updated through facebook especially pictures. So, if you do have facebook account, add me up at nadirah-@hotmail.com

Let’s talk about my pregnancy right now. I’m going to be 28 weeks by next week. 28 weeks is equivalent to 7 months, if you do not know. I can already feel the baby moves and kick when I’m in my 6 months. Whenever the baby kick and moves, I will quickly grab Hubby’s hand to feel it. The feeling is indescribable when I feel my own baby inside my tummy. I can feel it’s getting heavier day by day. Sitting or standing for too long is not a pleasure anymore. What’s more, occasionally I have leg cramps and it usually happen at night. I would practically wake up from my sleep and shout. LOL! Hubby has to massage my leg every time it happens. My favourite past time right now is going to toilet every few minutes, just to empty my bladder although it’s teeny weeny a bit. Just can’t believe that I have UTI. I don’t really have a big appetite like before. I will feel full and bloated even after a small meal. Constipation is what I’m always going through. Totally hate it! It makes my tummy in so much pain. You see, being pregnant is totally not easy! Now, I truly understand how mothers out there being pregnant for the whole 9 months.

Hubby & I have been buying books & searching on the net for Islamic baby names. The first name is already confirmed and we are still searching for another name just in case the first name is ‘heavy’ for the baby. Let’s just call her ‘Baby E’ . As for the preparation for Baby E stuffs, we still have not purchase anything yet except for my mum-in law as she’s more excited than myself. LOL. It’s still considered early to purchase baby stuffs. Right now, I’m still considering whether to have a 3D/4D scan when I’m in my 8 months, insya-allah. It’s for remembrance sake although the fee is expensive. Checked the price at NUH and it is arund $180+. The only picture I have for Baby E is when she’s 5 months plus. I badly want to see her as 3D/4D scan is clearer than the normal scan. I shall discuss this with the Hubby. So, my next scan will be on 17 November 2009, Tuesday. I shall make use of Hubby’s CSC card before his ORD which is on 04 December 2009. After 04 December 09, check-up & scan will not be free anymore. We have to pay on our own. Bummer! But it’s just 1 more month plus to go for Hubby’s ORD and after which hopefully he will get a stable job, insya-allah.

Mid week or last week of December 09, I will be staying permanently with my in-laws as my mum-law will take care of me & the baby during my confinement period. It’s better to stay there as there are more advantages than staying at my place. The only disadvantage is that it is far from my workplace and there’s no computer at Hubby’s place. Meaning, I have to purchase a laptop or notebook. Traveling wise would be no problem for me. After all, there’s public transport. It’s just that I have to wake up and hour earlier.

I’m left with 2 more months before my delivery, insya-allah. I’ve been thinking a lot regarding labour. You see, I have low threshold of pain. Even the slightest pain, I can cry. I’ve been googling & you-tubing on labour process. It sure makes me scared and paranoid! Some said it’s better not to take epidural. Well some said, go for epidural as it soothes the pain! No matter how scared I am, I will still have to go through labour. All that matters for me now is that I will go through a smooth delivery and my baby is safely born, insya-allah. Nothing else matters! Pray for me, yeah.

12:19 PM

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