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Thursday, September 10, 2009

I love my last weekend cause it was well spent with my loved ones. Since Saturday on 29/08/09, I was not working, I woke up in the afternoon and take my own sweet time to get ready to go Baby Fair at Taka. Hubby & I just take a look and I was tempted to buy baby stuffs cause practically it was on sale! But since my pregnancy is still early, we just survey here and there. Walked around ION which we find boring and made way to Geylang to meet the in-laws. After searching high and low for a decent baju kurung (forget kebaya!), I’ve finally bought it. Geylang was packed with human traffic and it was hot & humid especially inside the Bazar. Had my cravings for ayam percik, ramly burger & air katira. I had a great time, chatting, laughing, bargaining with a shop owner and soaking up the festive atmosphere. After several hours of walking, we took cab home. Too tired to take the train.

On Sunday, we accompanied mum to Causeway Point to get her N80 phone fix since it’s spoilt but decided to upgrade her line to E63. Member happy seh! Drop by bazaar to buy some food and air katira. I will never get sick & tired drinking katira. It’s my favourite drink during ramadhan.

On the other hand, I’m in my 5 months and 1 week pregnancy now which is 21 weeks. It sure felt fast. I can already feel the baby kicking. I urinate more often and can feel my tummy become heavier. I eat a lot and non-stop. Crave for this and that. I’ve yet to check my weight. Suddenly, I feel afraid to look at weighing scale. This is only the fasting month. There will be lots of delicious food & delicacies serve on Hari Raya. Rendang, Ayam Masak Merah, Sayur Lodeh, Kuah Kacang & etc. I’m sure to put on weight. Walking a distance can make me pant and tired easily now.

On 01/09/09, I nearly fainted while waiting for my work transport. Suddenly I felt dizzy and breathless. The bus came so maybe I thought that after sitting inside the bus, I will be ok. But no, I was still feeling dizzy & want to vomit. Upon reaching work, I vomited and told my manager that I need to go hospital. Met Hubby at NUH. My blood was taken for test. I have two check up on me which is a gynae and a doctor. My baby is perfectly fine, kicking & jumping non-stop. I have to wait nearly 2 hours for the blood test report to come out. My red blood cells are low while my white blood cells are high. 14% higher to be precise. Not only that, I have low blood pressure thus I always felt dizzy and want to faint. I was given 5 days mc to rest. Just when I thought that I want to come back to work on the next 2 days, I was down with high fever & running nose. Went to NUH again on 02/09/09. Took the H1N1 test as the doctor suspected that I might be infected but thank god I was not. Given medicine and different MC to rest. Hubby suggested to stay over at his mum’s place so that my mum in-law can take care of me. Few days later, Hubby met with accident. Right now, he jalan a bit tempang. Next few weeks will be his check up at NUH. Doctor suspected that his ligament tear. :( Yesterday, he was being the sweetest. I was having a bad cough that I can barely have a good night sleep. He actually went out to Boon Lay with his tempang leg to queue for Boon Lay Nasi Lemak and also bought cough syrup & strepsils for me.

Supposed to have my check-up on 11/09/09 for my scan and I can’t postpone it anymore as I’m in my 5 months plus already. But then one of my colleagues took leave on that day and NUH tried to squeeze in my schedule on 08/09/09. So yes, I’ve known my baby gender. So you readers can actually guess the gender of my baby by doing the poll below. It’s just for fun. The gynae was doing the scan when we saw my baby was kicking, moving, yawning & also eating. My baby was actually chewing on something. Actually, I ate black pepper chicken pau & ribena for breakfast. LOL. And there will be change of plan. I will give birth in NUH since they have all my medical records.

As for now, my annual leave is left with pathethic 1 day due to doctor appointment and etc. So that means, for the next check up, will be considered as no pay leave. -.-"

Ria has been playing Hari Raya songs and it sure made me more excited for the upcoming festive. I’ll be going to Geylang again for last round of shopping this Saturday with my uncle, cousin & my family. Still need to buy lots of stuffs. Hopefully my weekend will be a splendid one. Not to forget, spring cleaning need to be done ASAP! And malam raya go geylang again perhaps?
Dad in-law want to rent lorry or car for final shopping.

12:31 PM

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