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Thursday, September 17, 2009

I felt that this year Hari Raya will be celebrated ala kadar. Not as grand as the past few years. But the most important thing I’ll get to celebrate with my family and in-laws. Spring cleaning at home is barely done. I can’t force myself to be active doing the spring cleaning as last time since I’m pregnant. Mostly of the spring cleaning will be done by my irritating sister. I can only help that does not require that much energy such as putting the crackers, biscuits & etc into tupperware. That part will be my favourite part because I will pop it into my mouth too. LOL. Maybe my parents will do last minute spring cleaning on Saturday itself. At the moment, I’m very pissed off as I still can’t find my handphone cable wire to upload pics. And Hari Raya is approaching. Most of the bloggers whom I read from their blog, did something to their hair, manicure & pedicure & etc. I wish I can do that too but sadly I can’t. But I got new flats (not heels!), baju kurung, clutch, make-up, earrings. It’s enough already for me since Hubby & mum bought some of it for me. I did my part too by buying some things for Hubby also. This year, Hubby & I will be in purple & black.

Later after work will sleep over at in-laws place. Just one night will do.I need to pass them the chocolate biscuits that I’ve ordered. Sadly, this year I did not make any biscuits. Since parents are off on Saturday, they will do last minute spring cleaning and plan to go Geylang after that. Dad in-law also rent lorry till Hari Raya. Just see how the plan goes. My family is so last minute for the preparation of Hari Raya since they are busy working & can’t get off days. Hubby & I have already plan on which days to celebrate equally with our own families. So more update will be done after Hari Raya, I’m supposed.

Oh yes, I guess some of my friends have already known the gender of my baby. It’s truly unexpected. I’m pregnant with a baby GIRL! What I’m going through is totally opposite of being pregnant to a baby girl. I do not love to dress up, putting up a make-up is a hassle for me, I’m not glowing as what others will say, I’m super lazy, I kept dreaming of baby boy. But now see, it’s a baby girl. Hubby wants a baby boy actually but it doesn’t matter now. The most important thing is that the baby is perfectly fine, healthy & normal. Insya-allah. Mum in-law is the only person who guesses correctly that I’m pregnant with a baby girl. As for the rest of my family & in-laws members are definitely wrong. As for the poll results, mostly guess it's a boy too. The best part for baby girl is that more choices of clothes to dress her up & also choosing name for her.

I'm looking forward to spend Hari Raya with my loved ones. This year it will be a happy one and I shall banish all the bitter memories of last year's. To all Muslim, Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf zahir dan batin.

12:43 PM

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