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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mama & me.


Above are old pics before I'm pregnant. Yes, I know my blog is boring without latest pictures. But I don’t know where I’ve put my cable wire to upload pics. I shall do spring cleaning soon since for Hari Raya and maybe I can find my cable wire. I shall take a lot of pictures during my pregnancy as a remembrance but I don’t think I’ve taken any pics of myself lately. I just hate to see myself in the mirror because I really felt that it’s not me. Before, I love to dress up and put on make-up. But now, pure lazy! I’m still yet to feel my baby to kick. I just want to feel it. I really want to know the gender of my baby. I’ve dreamt that I’ve given birth to a baby girl. While Ibu dreamt that it was a baby boy. But no matter what, as long the baby is healthy, Hubby & I are fine whether it’s a girl or a boy. And oh, there’s a kitten in my office. Cute little dark brown kitten. Been thinking of giving her name but still not sure yet. It just remind me of my cat at home, Kecik, when she’s still a kitten. Awww, so cute.

Today marks the starting of fasting month. I stay over the weekend at my in-laws place. Ibu cooked chicken dumpling with prawn soup and fried chicken for sahur. I thought of helping Ibu to cook at 3am when she’s preparing the dishes but I overslept. What’s new right? I’m really not a morning person. Ibu have the habit to cook the dishes at 3am as to her the dishes will be hot and fresh.

This year will be totally different from the past 4 years as Hubby and I get to sahur, break fast and celebrate Hari Raya (insya-allah) as husband and wife. What’s more being pregnant during the month of Ramadhan is different. Some people said that during pregnancy, there’s no need to fast and some will say if there’s no health problem at all, why not give it a try. To be truthful, I did not fast today. Hubby & Ibu don’t allow me to fast at all. But I really feel like fasting. :(

During this fasting month, one of my wish is to sahur & break fast together with my family and also with my in-laws. Maybe to sahur & break fast with my family is impossible. Brother is always with his friends while dad is busy with his stall. One month from today will be Hari Raya. I felt that time passed by really fast. Don’t you think so? I really can’t wait to pop by Geylang to smell the atmosphere of Hari Raya. Buying of clothes, heels flats, kuih-muih, this & that and also spring cleaning the whole house. Best sangat! But that’s when all the mats and minahs from every nook and cranny from around Singapore congregate at Bazaar Geylang. No offence yeah.

So this month pay will have to be put aside for preparation of Hari Raya. What’s more, if Hari Raya falls on 22 September, my pay will only be in by the end of the month. So I’m left with no choice for this month pay to be put aside more. To all Muslims, happy fasting!

11:18 AM

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