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Friday, August 28, 2009

It is only the 7th day of fasting but I have to crack my brain on what to prepare for sahur & breaking fast for the Hubby as he’s very particular on food. He does not eat fish & veggies. The only food must have on the table is chicken. He still prefers rice to noodles, pasta & etc. I’m running out of ideas on what to prepare for him. Tsk!

On a lighter note, I totally enjoy my last weekend at my in-laws place. I have my air katira, dendeng & ayam percik. Good food = happy me! This weekend will be heading to Geylang Bazar, hopefully. Oh please, let my pay be in by Saturday.

Suddenly my schedule is tight with a lot of events! Jaz Birthday Party, Bloggers Outing, Primary School outing, Family & In-laws outing. Weekend is the only time to do spring cleaning but that’s when all the events are happening. Outing = money spend. Then, I saw this one gorgeous dress from Studiofrost. Thought of buying but then the money I need to spend on food for sahur & breaking fast and not to forget hari raya. Wah, like that I can go bankrupt already!

Few days back, Hubby and I went to Jurong West Bazar to buy food for breaking fast. Sadly, air katira was sold out. Maybe we came late around 6.30pm. The stalls were not that much compared to last year. My favourite Nasi Ambeng stall was also not there. I prefer Woodlands Bazar as there are lots of food & drink stalls.

I feel like doing something to my hair. It looks so lifeless after I’ve rebonded it 2 years back I think. So dry like a twig lah! I like it to be long, wavy and jet black. Black is the sex yo! But then, Hubby said no need and it’s better to do it after giving birth. I hate to see myself in the mirror. People said during pregnancy, you will intend to glow. But where got glow?! Tummy is big, fine. Can’t fit into my size 26 skinny jeans and size xs clothes, fine. Pimple popping on my face, not fine. Hair is dry like a twig, not fine. Out of sudden, hate to make-up & dress up, not fine. :(

I just get to know that there's a Baby Fair @ Taka and I really want to go! What's more been ages since I've step into town. Then, can jalan-jalan at ION too....

Reply to taggers:
Julii: Haiya. No problem. Re-link done!
Hid: Haha! Next time tag lar! I'm excited too for myself but at the same time worry. Oh yes, feels like yesterday in JTPS. Thank god for facebook! Saw lots of familiar faces from JTPS!
Elyani: Hello! Going to be 5 months, insya allah. Excited jugak nie nak tahu the gender of my baby.
Qysha: LOL! How to take pics when I don't like to dress up? So not nice lar.

12:18 PM

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