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Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm so free right now that I feel like updating my blog but I can't seem to find my cell phone cable wire to upload the pics. I've just deleted my friendster account due to Hubby request. Fine, I still have my facebook account. Oh well, I got nothing else to update cause my mind is in blank right now.

Just an update on my pregnancy, I'm in my 2nd trimester that is 4 months & 1 weeks. I'm glad that my appetite is growing. Far better than my 1st trimester where I always vomit and have a terrible headache. But I have constipation and it makes my stomach bloated. Feels so uncomfortable but a secondary school of mine recommend me to drink Yakult and it really works! I'm a big fan of Yakult eversince then.

Had my last ultra scan at NUH on National Day. I could clearly see the spine, the head, the body. The gynae tried to detect the gender of the baby but it was so difficult as it was kicking and jumping non-stop. What an active baby! I guess the gender of my baby can only be known on my next check up at KKH on 02 September when I'm in my 5 months. Why the sudden transfer to KKH as I'm going to stay with my in-laws at Woodlands after giving birth. It's near to my in-laws place anyway.

Hubby will be back home tomorrow since army is having running marathon. It feels boring without him but when he's with me, we will argue sometimes. Weird but it's true. Missing him so badly right now.

Reply to tags:
Manjer: No problem babe.
Waney: Updated but no pics for the moment. Will re-link you back.
Iva: Thanks for linking me. Will link you also.
Julii: Hello babe!
Nana: Hello! I also have a strong feeling it's a boy cause I'm so lazy to dress up and been months since I've put on make-up. Your Eldora so cute! I love baby girls cause can dress them up. You take care too and I will link you.
Qysha: Congrats babe on your engagement! So happy for you, babe.
Matilda: No choice. Have to endure when pregnant. Anyway, read your blog regarding your engagement eh? If true, congrats girl!
Paula: Thanks sweets!
Adah: I'm fine right now. Thanks babe.
Iva: Will link you soon babe.
Zura: He looks like you lar babe. Yes, I'm enjoying my pregnancy minus the morning sickness, terrible headache, back pain & etc.
Mas: Thanks babe. Yes, I'm bless to have my family, in-laws & hubby with me. Anyway, I did not went to Studiofrost Fashion Festival II cause it's far lar. LOL!
Berry: Suker eh kau? LOL! I'm happy too lar.
Nadiarina: Thanks sweets!

9:02 PM

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