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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hello readers! I’m back for an update. Apologies for missing in action due to some reasons. Let’s get started for an update!

Whyra’s 1st Birthday Party

As for my 21st birthday on 06 June, I finally bought Samsung Pixxon in pink. Say hello to my gorgeous pink touch screen handphone and bid goodbye to my 2 year old Nokia 6233. Birthday celebration was simple with the in-laws. Mum in-law cooked my favourite Mee Soto along with Corn Sweet drinks.

That’s not the only gift for my birthday. The best birthday gift ever is that I’m PREGNANT! Yes, three month plus pregnant right now. Syukur Alhamdulillah. In the beginning, I have a very strong feeling that I was pregnant. What’s more, my period was 2 days late. I’ve decided to buy the pregnancy kit on 11 May to really ensure that I was pregnant. It was positive! Happiness engulfed us to see the positive sign. 2 days later, I took half day leave for a checkup at Jurong Polyclinic. I took the usual pregnancy test and request for refer to National University Hospital for a more proper and detail check-up. 22 May was my ultra scan. The heartbeat was detected. Although the featus was small, hubby & I can see it was moving.

Ever since I was pregnant, Hubby really take good care of me. Not even a single housework was allowed for me to do. If Mum did not cook on that particular day, he will cook for me. He makes sure that I eat my folic acid every morning. Whenever I slept over at my in-laws place every weekend, my mum in-law will prepare dishes for me to eat. He always remind me to walk slowly, not to over stress when doing work, not to carry heavy stuffs, not to wear tight clothes, not to wear heels, not to see unsightly pictures/videos. When I was hungry in the middle of the night, he will wake up and cook a simple dish for me although I know he’s very tired from work. He won’t complain if my headache, vomit and backache act up anytime. He will massage my head and back to soothe the pain. Every little detail he will take care. I do not have a weird craving like other pregnant ladies in the beginning. But he craves for it every now and then. LOL!

During my 5 weeks of pregnancy, I have a terrible backache. I can’t sit or stand for too long. Same goes when I’m sleeping. I’ll sleep with different kinds of sleeping position so that I won’t feel the back pain. Most of the time, I’m always hungry. I tried to limit my food intake in the beginning because I have constipation for few days. My tummy will feel so bloated that at times I force to vomit out what I’ve eaten. I know, it’s bad for the baby but I just can’t help it. I tried to eat more veggies (I hate the most but I have no choice to eat!) & fruits and it really works.

Morning sickness is terrible when I was 6 to 10 weeks pregnant. It’s so called morning-afternoon-night sickness. Whatever I eat or drink, I will vomit. I do not have appetite to eat or drink. All I can eat is sweets. Even the smell of some dishes will make me want to puke. What’s more, I work office hours and I tried very hard to control it. Luckily, my work does not require me to move that much. Not only that, I’m easily tired and tend to sleep all day long. Once I reached home right after work, I will do the necessary things and crawled up on my bed to sleep. Same goes on weekend when I tend to sleep the most. It’s really not me. I love to go out during the weekend but this time round, I prefer to sleep. Even going to the shop under my block, I will feel lazy. Weird but it’s true. I’m also lazy to dress up & even putting on make-up is a chore for me. Not to forget, I can’t stand the smell of my hubby. Hubby has to face another side of the bed when we are sleeping. Poor hubby! Up till now, I’ve still have not gain any weight. It’s still 43kg. This must be due to the non-stop vomiting, I guess.

11 weeks morning sickness was not that bad. Only that I have difficulty in burping and made me difficult to breathe properly. I can feel the heartburn too. Backache was worse. It felt like something is stabbing my back bone. 13 weeks, my morning sickness is still there but not as bad when I was in my 6 to 10 weeks.

Pregnancy is not that smooth sailing. On 28th May, I woke up in the morning to go to work when I notice that I'm bleeding. Something must be wrong so I told Hubby and he decided to take urgent leave and off we went to NUH. Alhamdullilah, nothing happened. Just that my hormones are not that strong. I was given medical leave from 28 May till 31 May to rest. I really rest for that 3 days. On 02 July, I vomit non-stop until I vomit blood. My throat was burning and it felt so pain that hubby & I quickly rushed to hospital. I was breathless that time. I was given MC to rest.

Had my 2nd month doctor appointment at NUH on 02 June. Thank god, everything is fine. On 10 June a visit to the polyclinic to stock up on folate acid pills and also regarding my terrible headache, vomiting & heartburn. I simply can’t stand it.

More update for my second trimester when I have the time. I need a rest for now. Being pregnant is not that easy, you know.

6:41 PM

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