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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Well, I’m so lazy to edit the previous entry. In fact, I rarely have the time to be online and surf the internet like I used to before marriage. What’s more the need to blog. A very quick update as my colleagues & I are celebrating our manager’s birthday in a while.

Yesterday was a mad rush for me & my mum especially. My grandmother had a high fever 2 days ago and her feet were so swollen in red that my mum had to rush her to the hospital by ambulance. Mum was busy with the registration when she received a call from my younger sister at home saying that grandfather fell down on the floor and was shivering in cold sweat. Not only that, he actually pee inside his pants and could not remember a single thing. My younger sister was alone at that point of time and could not carry him alone. Luckily, my brother went back home in time. My mum left the hospital and quickly cab back home. I took a cab too right after work and grandfather was being stubborn as he does not want any of us (girls) to clean him up. My brother had left earlier due to some circumstances and hubby was the last choice. Hubby cleaned him up with the help of my mum and cab to our nearest family doctor. At first, the doctor had given him an anti-bacterial injection but after grandfather showed the doctor his leg was infected just like grandmother, the doctor advised us to send him to the hospital right away. True enough, grandfather was admitted to the same hospital as grandmother. Both of them had high fever and same leg infection. By time we got back home, it was almost 1am.

This morning when hubby & I heard our alarm clock rang, we kept pressing the snooze as we were too tired to wake up. Hubby had no choice but to take cab to camp as he was late. So our daily routine right after work will be heading to none other than Alexandra Hospital till both of them are discharged.

11:49 AM

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