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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Intan & Noi Wedding

Sent The In-laws To The Airport (24 April 09, Friday)

Farah Diana’s Younger Sister Wedding (19 April 09, Sunday)

Abang Lili Pre-Wedding (13 & 14 March 09, Friday & Saturday)
Overnight (rewang) at Bedok on Saturday till sunday. It was Abang Lili’s marriage. That was the very first time, I experienced rewang under the blk together with the in-laws & also the relatives. I got the chance to follow to the bride side at boon keng. Didn’t took much pics as my battery went dead after that. Monday was back to work for me.

Cousin’s Wedding at Johor (01 March 09, Sunday)
A trip to Johor Bahru with my family without my brother for my cousin wedding, Nur Hafiza. Well, not much pictures taken due to the scorching hot weather in the afternoon. It was so damn hot that I was perspiring like hell. Secondly, the place was too packed with people. We even had to eat inside her house, not at the tentage. I was looking forward to shop at City Square but due to time limit we rushed back to Larkin and took cab all the way to Taman Jurong. A simple ‘hot’ day outing with my family.

Pre-Wedding (19 Feb 09, Thursday)
Had my henna appointment at 3pm. It took Rani 2 hours to complete my henna. My mum did it too for fun while my sis was out at hair saloon for rebonding. Shariman came along with his friend, Sophie, to decorate the wedding room. Sophie found out that her bf is actually my sec sch friend, Huzairy. What a small world after all. I gave Shariman a top & ring for the dowry gifts decoration at last minute. They took almost half a day to decorate the room and the theme I given to them was ‘Romantic White’. It was beautifully gorgeous deco! What’s more, the room was filled with Body Shop candle in strawberry flavour. I was really satisfied with Shariman’s creation. Farah & Diana catering service began to come to decorate the dais & putting up the tent, toilet & etc. I can’t stand still at home since I was so eager to take a look and I actually did go under my blk, still with my henna on!

Pre-Wedding (20 Feb 09, Friday)
I woke up in the afternoon since I slept quite late last night. Did last minute spring cleaning at home and take a look under the blk. It was so girly and what’s more, it’s in pink & black. At that point of time when the dais & deco was fully done, I got a bit excited. Shariman & Sophie came over to do last minute touch up here & there for the room deco & solemnization corner. My dowry gifts to the guy side came and that’s when some of the glasses for bunga rampai broke. Bit by bit some of the items for the wedding came. At night, some of my parent’s collegues and friends came. The menu for Friday night was the usual Bone Steak & Nasi Ayam Penyet (cooked by my dad). Shariman & I even went under the blk at midnight to eat. Reenz came to send the wedding outfits to my side first before making move to Azim side to decorate the wedding car. Trust me, I did not have a good night sleep cause I was feeling a bit tensed up and I could only slept around 2am. Shariman sleptover at my house since he will be my so called ‘orang kuat’ on my big day.

Our Wedding Outfit’s Fitting (18 Feb 09, Wednesday)
Basically, I visited bf at CDC so that he can take home leave as we have a fitting at Reenz Bridal. It was a very hot day & the environment at CDC was humid. I pitied bf as he was not fully recovered from his rashes and fever so I called a cab back to my home first to rest. After which cab again to Reenz Bridal. It was more to slack session with Reenz and Shariman who joined us later. We had packed away dinner from Al-Azhar. Bf went back to CDC while I headed home.

And during that week, mum joined us to choose our wedding outfits. I treated them to lunch at Al Azhar.

Hubby’s Cousin, Ayid Engagement (08 February 09, Sunday)
Argued with the bf cause both of us woke up late for his nephew’s engagement. By the time we got ready, meet and reached his aunt’s house, it was nearly 4pm. We stayed till the event was over to help out.

Dinner & Dance for Utracon (06 February 09, Friday)
It was our D&D at Grand Copthorne. Being the committee member for 2 years straight, members have privileges to knock off early at 2pm. My colleagues, Nura, Kartika, me showered and dolled ourselves up as we got the complimentary room while the committee guys are busy loading and unloading the lucky draw gifts. Geraldine, Kartika, Nura & me had tea sessions for the committee members after we are done dolling up. Kartika & I was in-charge of the reception, Nura & Jonas was busy at their pre-event games stall, and Allex was in-charge to mend the lucky draw gifts. Well, the event was successful and the food served was way much better than last year. Bf picked me up although he was just discharged from hospital in the afternoon. We headed to Mr Teh Tarik at paya lebar for supper and make way back to my house.

3:00 PM

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