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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Today morning I felt different upon waking up for work. Hubby cooked Ayam Kicap for my family and had packed for my lunch too. That was the first surprise for me. After showering as I’m getting ready, hubby made my favourite breakfast that is boiled egg mixed with dark soya sauce and black pepper. He sure knows to perk me up early morning to kick start the day. Thank you hubby and I appreciate it a lot.

Talking about cooking, did I mention that he’s a good cook? Well, I have tried his Sambal Prawn, Chicken in Dark Soya Sauce, Chicken Soup & etc. He really caught me by surprise when he cooked. After all these 4 years being with him, I did not know that he can cook! As for me, I tried to cook Black Pepper Chicken, Honey Fried Chicken, Fried Rice for him. That’s it, only 3 dishes I’ve tried. Overall, he likes the Black Pepper Chicken the most. I still have a lot more to learn to cook. It’s an indescribable feeling to see him eating what I’ve cooked. I think all wives would agree on this. Can you notice that the dishes that I’ve mentioned are only chicken and nothing else? My husband of mine does not eat fish but only certain type of fish. Same goes to lamb and mutton meat and also vegetables. He loves chicken and nothing else. LOL! My refrigerator are always stock up with chicken.

On a random note, I’ll be staying over my in-laws place this Friday since I have a very long weekend. I can drop by pasar malam at causeway point to satisfy my craving for ramly burger. I’m super excited for this Saturday as my marriage course friend, Intan & Noi, will be getting married. That means my PPIS marriage course peeps will be there too. Recently, I’m beginning to love to go to wedding. Reason being, I love to see wedding deco & dais. All that began in the midst of preparation for my wedding. I browsed and take a look hundreds of beautifully gorgeous deco & dais. When I have the time, I will upload my favourite deco & dais.

I can’t wait to knock off from work as hubby & I planned to catch a movie later. To my PPIS peeps, see you all this Saturday!

12:17 PM

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