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Sunday, April 05, 2009

I know that I’ve been neglecting this blog of mine. I actually have A LOT of pictures’ in the midst of preparation for our wedding; my wedding & etc That can be put aside for now. Blogging daily is near impossible nowadays Reason being; busy working, taking care and spending time with the hubby. When we are still attached, I just need to do the housework (cleaning, sweeping, mopping, doing the laundry, washing the dishes & etc), but right now it’s a different thing. I need to make his meals, iron his clothes, wake him at 5am up every morning & etc aside doing my own things. That’s the responsibility of a wife. It’s fun though, learning new things every now and then. So tell me now, how to blog everyday? Talked about preparing meals, I have a lot to LEARN the wonders of cooking. Mind you, the hubby had a hidden talent that I myself was not aware, cooking! Believe it or not, he’s a good cook better than me. Well, I’m still staying with my family during the weekdays since it’s nearby to go to work for me and as for the hubby, near his camp. Weekends will be over to my in-laws. Yes, to and fro, from Jurong to Woodlands. But hubby and me are planning to move to his house since he got his own room. Not fully decided yet though.

Finally, an update that you readers had been waiting for quite some time. An update of our wedding affairs on 21 Feb 2009, Saturday. I managed to sign up for multiply to upload the few hundreds of photos. Kindly go http://xoxoirah.multiply.com/ to view our wedding photos. Pardon me for the oh so not nice layout as I'm still not so familiar using multiply.

I would leave you readers to take a look at the pictures. Truth enough, pictures speak a thousand words.

The morning of my wedding day, all of my family members woke up late as all of us mingled with our relatives and friends under our void deck till 2am on Friday. I was in mad rush as the time stated 7.30am and Reenz (make-up artist) will come at 8am. Friday night, I was admiring the beautiful set-up deco. The elderly kept telling me not to come under the void deck as the ‘seri’ of the bride will be gone. But what I did was to come down and enjoy finger licking good of bone steak. LOL!

I still have time after my shower so I did rounds of checking under the void deck and at home. It was perfect! Voila! Everything is done! Mum insisted to at least have a light breakfast which I did not eventually as I was feeling jittery. Reenz came along with Kak Nani (his assistant). My make-up was done for almost 2 hours. But the sad part was I really can’t see the techniques of applying make-up as I was told by Reenz to rest my eyes. I stayed inside the room all morning and waited patiently for his side to come. Around 10.30am, Azim side began to come with the dowry gifts. I take a peak outside and saw Azim face was pale. I bet he was feeling nervous at that point of time. The ceremony began with prayers chanted by my uncle and the discussion both of our side had agreed on.

Azim even did not notice me sitting a few cm away from him. He was too engrossed in reciting prayers. I bet he was too scared. The Tok Kadi came at 11am sharp. That’s when everything began which he explain about marriage life. With just one breath said by Azim, I was legally his wife. At that point of time, sadness engulfed me. I really tried to control my tears of happiness. I can’t believe that I’m someone’s wife. Not just a someone’s wife. But a wife to a man whom I dearly love.

Azim put the ring on my finger and I can feel a sense of happiness inside me. He kissed my forehead and it was such a bliss moment. We looked at each other eyes and I would not forget that moment. I put the ring on his finger and photo taking session next with the relatives and friends at my house.

We quickly get ready for the 2nd outfit while the rest are making way down for refreshment. I came down first with Reenz & Kak Nani and I was simply blown away by the decoration, the wedding cupcakes, the DJ, the people who was at my reception, seeing me walking down the aisle. It was beautiful. I really felt like a princess at that moment.

The ceremony of bertandang began with kompang being played. I was quite surprised that no one actually block them coming when Kak Nani was sitting beside me, with a fan covering my face. After which, reciting of prayers by the leader of the kompang. Photo taking session next before making our way to Azim side around 3pm.

Azim side was grand with lots of people! Cik Jumat did the silat before our bersanding begin. As usual, photo taking with his relatives, colleagues, friends & etc. We made our way up to change for our evening wear. I super love the third outfit because it was glam! Had photo taking again before we eat and trust me that was my breakfast, lunch & dinner! I was waiting all day long to eat. We were requested by Azim side to sing a song, Dua Insan. Actually, I was really reluctant to sing because there were so many people looking at us & waiting to video us, singing. But I had no choice then. I was actually eager to go back to my side because I want to see some of my friends & relatives.

True enough, I was so happy to see my babes Jaz, Dinah, Eqin & Ira! The 4 most precious babes in the world. We even had a candid shot where they threw roses to us and it was captured by my photographer. It was so pretty! The newly weds had dinner first and after that cutting of the wedding cake which Azim & I gave personally to every one who was at the reception during that time. It was nearly 8pm and the reception was ending soon. We changed back to our normal clothes and went down to linger with my side.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you for those who come all the way to my wedding. Thank you a lot cause each of your presence liven my wedding day. Thank you so much!

A big thank you to my wedding supplier:

Farah Diana Catering Services (http://fdcs.multiply.com/) – Food & drinks, dais & fully deco, tables & chairs, prayer & toilet corner, cooking tent, kitchen equipments, door gifts for adults & child, kendarat, dish washers, tukang masak. All in one whole package!
Wah Entertainment Services – Shaboy, you really rocks! For your information, Shaboy is the younger brother of DJ KC(Misteri Jam 12)
My Little Cuppies (http://pannacotta.multiply.com/) – The beautiful pink & black cupcakes was delicious. Thanks Kak Ros although it was such a last minute order to your house.
Shariman (my cousin) from Reenz bridal (http://reenzbridal.multiply.com/) – For sponsoring the guestbook, solemnization corner & bunga rampai. Also, for doing the decoration for dowry gifts, car and the wedding room. You are such a genius!
Reenz from Reenz Bridal (http://reenzbridal.multiply.com/) – Your make-up skills is simply excellent! I love the make-up & also the outfits.
Encik (Azim’s warrant officer) – For sponsoring the kompang for both side. Really appreciate it a lot.
Say Guan Transport – For the rental of the bus going to and fro from Jurong to Woodlands.Abg Adi – You’re such a funny photographer who knows to liven the ceremony. The wedding photos are beautiful!
Ema Creations – Our wedding card is simple yet nice.

Without these beloved people, my wedding won’t be happen:
Mama & Ayah – Thank you so much for giving me your blessing in this marriage. You sacrifice a lot and try to make my wedding goes smoothly.
My brother, Afandi – For taking care of the dais & deco under the blk on Thursday & Friday night and because of that, you overslept for my solemnization.
My sister, Rashidah – For helping me with this and that when I was wearing henna all night long. Not to forget, the spring cleaning of the house. I can see your future already. LOL!

To those whom I did not mention, a BIG thank you to each of one you who did help with my wedding. I really appreciate it a lot.

To my one & only husband whom I truly love from the bottom of my heart, Muhammad Azim Bin Alias:

In these 4 years of our relationship, time shows how much effort you put in. How we can be so mad with each other but end up hugging the next minute, how you would give in even though it was my fault, how we could never go to sleep w/o the chats, how you stood by me when I was going through a rough day and it seems that, we needed each other more than anything else. I don't know, all I know was we are really happy together. But relationships were never smooth sailing. We've had our fair share of downs too. Our different views on certain issues, it can be quite a chore at times but we pulled through it all. Things have been really bad, all the exs, workload, heated argument, cheating, but now, you play an important role in my life, providing my heart with all it needs, making day’s superfly. What a twist, really. I guess, things have been really beautiful and I hope it stays this way forever and more.

Now, a new chapter of our life begins as husband and wife. People talked about us as we are married at a young age. But, we can prove them wrong. We can’t shut their mouth from talking. We have a lot of things to be learned. Marriage isn’t an easy task. Hopefully, we can pull through any obstacle that comes between us. Muhammad Azim, you're one of the few secret comforts that keep me sane :) May our marriage last till eternity, Insya Allah. I love you.

So there you go! My wedding update is finally done! :)

To those taggers who asked me the budget for my wedding, pls email me at
nadirah-@hotmail.com personally as I do not disclose information here. People might think I’m bragging but trust me, I spend wisely for it.

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