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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just THREE more days to greeting hello to being married and bidding goodbye to singlehood. I can’t believe that our 4 years of boyfriend & girlfriend relationship will be ended up with marriage.

Things are not really on our side in the first place. Bf right now is admitted to hospital due to rashes & fever. So, I’m praying that he will recover fast and be discharged by tomorrow. Just yesterday morning, the ROM called saying that our Tok Kadi is being admitted to hospital and there will be a replacement with other Tok Kadi. God is really testing us. I just hope that everything will go smoothly our big day, 21 Feb 09. Insya allah.

So how’s my preparation? Last minute hiccups here & there but we managed to pull it through. Alhamdullilah. There’s still last minutes of things need to be done ASAP such as spring cleaning the house thoroughly. Meaning, wipe off the dust, wash the old curtain & hang up the new ones, ransack every cabinet and arrange every single items properly, sweep & mop the floor, put on new bedsheets, clean all the fans, paint the wall & etc. TSK! Starting from tomorrow as I’ve taken leave, I’ll be a busy woman. Not to mention, running errands. This is a good practice I must say. LOL!

As usual, proper update soon with lots and lots of pictures before and after marriage. The preparation, the fitting session, the shopping done & etc. So behold with massive pictures after my wedding.

Friends, my solemnization will take place at my house, 11am. Bersanding will be under my void deck, probably around 1pm. Don’t worry for those who can’t come in the afternoon as I’ll be back to my place around 5pm for dinner. So, See you girls & guys this Saturday! :)

10:19 PM

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