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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Yesterday night Azim planned to have dinner at Boon Lay for their Nasi Lemak Power. We took 240 bus as usual and damn it, there was a road block and we had to walked a distance to go the food market. Before that, I need to withdraw cash and the queue was freaking long. I can see from Azim's face that he looks pissed off already. So, I planned to go Taman Jurong Shopping Centre then since Boon Lay was so crowded. We walked into a baby's shop to look around for baby's crib. He was being reluctant to survey and was busy sms-ing. That's when the argument started till it dragged to Taman Jurong Shopping Centre. We parted ways while on the way back home. I was fed-up with him and off my handphone. In the end, he came to look for me around the neighbourhood blk. We talked things out and everything was back to normal.

Not until, I felt that I was bleeding again. It was true. My gynae told me that if the bleeding still occur, I have to be brought to hospital so we cabbed to NUH. Shortly after that, my mum arrived with her colleague. I was given a vaginal check. The cervix was closed. Had an ultrascan, the waterbag & baby can be seen but the heart beat can't be detect. I was worried. I do not want anything to happened to my baby. But the gynae assured me that the baby is fine. I was given MC from 31/12/08 - 06/01/08 since I need sufficient rest but I will still go to work tomorrow cause I've taken a lot of MC. My mum's colleague drove us back home.

So from now onwards, my checkup will be at NUH. No more seeing my gynae at the private clinic. Next appointment will be on 06/01/09. Guess, I have to take leave again. Right now, I'm still bleeding. Still wearing pads, just like normal period. I don't know what's up with my body. Even my gynae told that my baby is still alive inside my tummy. Deep down inside my heart, I'm worried for my baby. I do not want anything to happen to it. Sigh. I'm going to google for this and find an answer to it.

11:22 AM

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