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Friday, January 16, 2009

As far as I am concerned, I haven't been blogging lately and there's a jolly good number of posts with photos in them waiting to be uploaded, but they're saved as draft for the meantime as I'm not done yet.

Last Friday, My baby had been safely buried. I do not have the chance to visit since I’m not yet ‘clean’ on that day. I definitely want to visit my baby before my wedding. Azim surprised me with my favourite hazelnut macaroon from bakerzin. It’s very rare of him to do that because he’s the type who won’t show his romantic side by buying me stuffs. So, I was quite taken aback when he did that. My doctor appointment went well. The gynae did a vaginal examination on me for the last time to make sure that everything is ok and she recommend me to try getting pregnant again. Of course it’s a NO for me! Well, not now at the moment. Azim & I need to have a stable financial then we can start thinking of starting a family.

We booked Ong Bak 2 at causeway point right after my check-up and seriously it’s not my type of movie because I prefer romance or chick flicks types of movie. But the movie was not that bad except for the ending which is quite a disappointment. We window shop for our drowy gifts exchange. Since my pay is in, I will be doing the shopping soon. Bought my wedding heels (super gorgeous with a touch of bling!) which is affordable. On weekend, head over to my uncle’s house with my mum & sis. Main reason is to have a discussion with my cousin, Razak, who is a wedding planner. I’m glad that he can work things out within my budget. Basically, he’s the important person on my wedding day since he’s the one who will do almost everything. A well spend weekend indeed.

I took urgent leave on 14/01/09 as Azim was warded due to kidney stone. Thank god the kidney stone is still small and does not need to be operated. Oral medications were given to him and hopefully to make it gone. His parents left by the time I reached so I stayed all afternoon with him till the doctor told that he can be discharged. I insisted to send him home after that but being stubborn, he want to walk around novena mall. All we did was window shopping, survey the price here and there. I only managed to grab a few tops for me and him from cotton on. That was it. The rest of my pay is for my wedding. We had late dinner at our favourite food stall at far east plaza before bidding goodbye.

15/01/09, headed to Queensway to check out sneakers for Azim. Most probably will be getting him the Lacoste sneaker which is not that overpriced compared to the other Lacoste sneaker we surveyed at Far East Plaza. He slept over at my house. My parents, siblings and Azim had takeaway Mcdonalds for supper. Eventually I hit my bedsheets at 12am as I was way too sleepy.
This coming weekend should be good; malay wedding exhibition at expo this Saturday & vaccination injection for my cat on Sunday. I’ll be busy starting from next week as I’ll be sourcing & preparing for my big day. It’s been confirmed by my parents that it will be held at my house. It will not be held under the blk, like other typical malay wedding. L Well, I don’t mind at all as long everything goes well on that day. So, invitation of guests will be limited. Only close relatives, colleagues, friends will be invited. I’m lack of sleep for the past few days and Nura recommended me to go for facial a week before my big day. Definitely will give it a try.
D&D is on 06 Feb and I have not got a dress for that night. Actually, I might just wear the dress that I ordered online few months back but does not have the chance to wear it yet. Just need to alter it, buy earrings & that’s it. Really on tight budget this month.

So many things to do but so little time left.

11:58 AM

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