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Sunday, January 11, 2009

1. Whats is your full name? - Nadirah Bte Sudin.

2. Do you like ur name?- Not so.

3. How long have you like the person you currently like?- It's love.

4. Have you kissed anyone before?- Yes.

5. Did you cry today?- No.

6. What are you doing at 8am this morning?- Still sleeping.

7. What are you doing an hour ago?- Online shopping.

8. What are you currently doing?- Doing this questionaire and thinking of my up coming wedding.

9. Who last texted you a message?- Azim.

10. Have you told anyone you love them today?- Every single day.

11. Are you missing anyone right now?- Azim.

12. Any plans for tomorrow?- Work.

13. What was the reason behind the last time you cried?- Regarding my up coming wedding.

14. Anyone you want to be right now?- Azim.

15. Have you kissed anybody who name start wit 'S'?- Can't recall.

16. Name somebody who makes you smile today & how?- Kecik, my cat.

17. Name somebody name who start with 'Z'?- None.

18. Which closefriend of you stay close with you?- Jaz & Dinah.

19. Do you prefer to call or text?- Both.

20. Do you prefer todaey or yesterday?- I look forward for every day.

21. Can you live a day w/o television & handphones?- Can't.

22. Are you mad bout anything right now?- Yes!

23. Do you ever think that relationship are worth it?- Yes.

24. Who was the last person you visited in a hospital?- Shahmi's brother.

25. Who was your second last & last hug from?- Azim.

26. What does your last msg in youur phone say?- U?

27. Define life- Life is full of challenges.

28. Do you hate anybody?- Nope.

29. Who was the last person you called?- Azim.

30. Who usually send you the most text in the month?- Azim.

Those pple i wish to tag- Anybody.

99 Facts About Me


1.Full Name: Nadirah Bte Sudin.

2.Nicknames: Irah.

3.Age: Going to be 21.

4.Gender: Female.

5.Where do You Live: Taman Jurong.

6.Relationship status: Attached.

7.Siblings: Afandi & Rashidah.

8.Pets: Kecik.

9.Screen name: Irah or xoxo,irah.


11.Hair Color: Black.

12.Hair length: Shoulder.

13.Eye Color: Black.

14.Height: 155cm.

15.Piercings: 2

16.Tattoos: None.

17.Shoe Size: 7-8, depends on the cutting.

18.Jeans Size: 24, depends on the cutting.

19.Make-Up: Make-up base, concealer, foundation, powder, Eyebrow liner, lip balm, lipstick, lipgloss, blusher, eyeliner, mascara & etc if I'm really in a mood to doll up. If not, I can go out without make-up.

20.Dye Your Hair: Used to. Now, no.


21.Food: Anything as long halal.

22.Drink: None in particular.

23.Color: Pink, Black, White.

24.Store: None in particular.

26.Kind Of Alcohol: I don't drink.

27.Ice Cream Flavor: Raspberry, chocolate chip, chocolate & B&J new york super fudge chunk.

28.Book: None in particular.

29.Season: I love winter. But too Singapore don't.

30.Video Game: I don't play video games.


31.Smoked a cigarette: Nope.

32.Done Any Drugs: No.

33.Gotton Drunk: I don't even drink.

34.Gone Skinny Dipping: No.

35.Bonged a beer: No.

36.Had Sex: Duh?!

37.Kissed Same Sex: Nope.

38.Done Anything Sexual With Same Sex: No.

39.Eaten Sushi: Yes

40.Broken A Bone: No.


41.Like Your Handwriting: Yes.

42.Have Any Bad Habits: Yes.

43.Hate Yourself: No.

44.Shy: Yes.

45.Tolerant Of Others: Yes.

46.Aggressive Or Passive: Both.

47.Have A Journal: Yes.

48.Emotionally Strong: Yes.

49.Read The News Paper: Sometimes.

50.Confident: Sometimes.


51.Is There A God: Yes.

52.Does He Have A Gender: Don't know.

53.Do Ghosts Exists: Yes.

54.What About Witches: I doubt so.

55.Miracles: Not sure.

56.What Do You Think About Abortion?: No comment.

57.Premarital Sex: No comment.

58.Life On Other Planets: No idea.

59.Porn: Yucks!

60.Cosmetic Surgery: Depend.


61.Sing Well: Sing for fun.

62.Play An Instrument: Pri sch days, recorder. Lol.

63.Write Well: Not sure.

64.Skateboard: No.

65.Take A Shot Without A Chaser: No.

66.Say the Alphabet Backwards: No.

67.Snow Board: No.

68.Juggle: No.

69.Do A Split: No.

70.Draw: No.


71.Plan On Marriage: Going to.

72.Kids: 2 are enough for me.

73.And Their Names: Secret.

74.Occupation: Tai-tai. Lol.

75.Where You Want To Live: If can, I do not want to stay with the in-laws. I still prefer to live with my own family. :(

76.Big Or Small House: Both also can.

77.Do You Want To Live Near People: Yes please.

78.Long Driveway Or Short: Both will do.

79.Income: How will I know? It depends.

80.Cars: I love suzuki swift, in red please. Super hot!


81.Walmart/Target: Walmart.

82.Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate.

83.Night/Day: Night.

84.McDonalds/Burger King: Macdonalds.

85.Cats/Dogs: Cats.

86.Fruits/Veggies: Fruits.

87.Pillows/Blankets: Blankets.

88.Pepsi/Coke: Coke.

89.Alcohol/Weed: None.

90.Reading/Writing: Writing.


91.Biggest Fear: To lose my loved ones, out of job.

92.Compliment You Get Often: I'm lucky to be thin. No matter how much I eat, it's still the same.

93.What Would You Change About Yourself: My attitude.

94.Regrets: Sadly, yes.

95.Gotten Arrested: Nope.

96.Are You Ticklish: Yes.

97.Longest Relationship: Right now, 3 years plus.

98.How Much TV Do You Watch: Not that much compared to playing comp.

99.What color is your bedroom: Used to be pink. Exchanged room with my bro since my grandparents moved in. Now, light yellow. Yucks!

100.Are you happy: Seriously, no.


1. Anyone.

12:14 PM

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