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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let’s backtrack for the past week.

28 November, Friday
TGIF! Bf and I went town, planned to karaoke but it was cancel due to some unforeseen circumstances that happened to me. Up till now, it has not been solved yet. The main reason I asked bf to town was to eat at Cahaya since I was craving badly for their mee goreng basah and char kway dipped with mayonnaise. Oh my, I’m salivating thinking of it right now. But to my disappointment, it was packed with people so we roamed around Far East Plaza, finding a place to eat. We managed to settle at this Surabaya stall since it was not crowded. The food we ordered look not that appetizing when it arrived but once we taste, it was good, delicious, sweet, and spicy! Cause the sambal kankong was hot & spicy, we ordered 3 cups of drinks! Basically, I bought my necessities at Far East Plaza before heading to Takashimaya for Toys Sale. I bought Winnie the Pooh Bolster and it had been with me all night long when I’m sleeping. I was still disturbed by the sudden news and was moody that night. We grab a bite at cine and make way home since I’m working the next day.

29 November, Saturday
I forced myself to wake up for work although I was still sleepy due to few hours of sleep. Met my sister after work and she accompanied me to Jurong East Library since I need to borrow books urgently. I treated her lunch before going back home while she met up with her friends. I slept in the afternoon till 10pm when mum woke me up to accompany her to have Boon Lay Nasi Lemak. By the time we got there, the queue was long and I loathe long queue so me & mum ate mutton chop and ice-kacang instead.

30 November, Sunday
Woke up to bf’s call to pick him up at his camp. He need to collect his 11B nearby KKH. Basically we had no plan so I suggested him to have breakfast at Causeway point instead since it’s nearby his house. Anyway, he need to clean up his bag full with his soiled clothes. That night too he has to book in, so as usual he will drop by my house first.

05 December, Friday
This time round I really want to eat at Cahaya no matter what. The craving is so bad! But it was still crowded with people. We ate at the Surabaya food stall again. Silly me, I cried cause I can’t fulfill my craving. Met up with Eqin & Ira since there are at Town too. They shopped, I window-shopped. Reason being, I need to save badly.

06 December, Saturday
Bf and I accompanied my mum to her workplace for her thumb print scan. Our stomach was growling and bf suggested simpang bedok. I admit that was my first time eating at simpang bedok. Look at the food we ordered. It looks like 4-5 pax but there are only 3 of us! In the end, we did not even finish up the food. Headed to Funan to collect our free video camera courtesy of Starhub. At that point, my leg was aching already. Too tired from all of the walking. We managed to sit down, enjoyed our drinks and cake at Starbucks. As usual, green tea frappe with extra whipped cream for me. That was the first time bf taste it and he has been hooked eversince. My sis and her friend joined us in a while. That mum of mine can’t keep still. She even suggested to go dad’s food stall to pack food for dinner & also of buying groceries. Whenever my mum is buying groceries at Sheng Siong, I can just take whatever junk food, dump it inside the trolley and mum pays for it. As simple as that!

So that’s my weekend update. Don’t bother about weekdays because I’ll be working or even so after work, I will spend time with the bf if he have nights out. That’s my usual routine. My eyes are droopy already and I need to have my sweet dreams.

07 & 08 December, Sunday & Monday
Both days are stay home for me. Monday was the best cause I spent my time recuperating by sleeping all day long.

Oh my god! I took nearly 2 hours just to post up everything!

8:14 PM

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