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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Alhamdulillah. Everything goes smoothly at ROM yesterday. Both fathers as our guardian, me & Azim had to take oath infront of the Kadi. 21 February will be the big day. My uncle(my witness) drove my parents back to their work after that. While me followed the in-laws to Causeway Point to survey for our marriage dowry gifts. In fact, the in-laws had already bought the baby pram, pillows & baby car seater. All the baby stuffs are at Azim's room.

My future in-laws family all in blue without Azim & his dad.

Today was supposed to be at work but I was having diarrhoea from 12 midnight till 9 this morning. In between, I had only few hours of sleep since I spent most of the time in the toilet. Dragged myself to see the doctor without Azim since he's still at camp. I'm waiting for Azim to come over to discuss about our wedding. Too much things to do but so little time. This weekend probably will be heading to his house to clean his room and give the room a new coat of paint.

While everybody is out partying for the New Year, me & Azim will just countdown together at my home since he's having his guard duty tomorrow. Bummer! So I guess I will rest at home tomorrow. This is our first time we did not celebrate countdown. 2009, I hope it will be a blissful year for us.

Not to forget, Happy 3 years & 9 months anniversary to us. 310305, that special day that will always be remembered. 2 more months and it will be official. 210208 will be the big day but 310305, is the day we got attached. I love you, Muhammad Azim.

12:46 PM

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