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Sunday, November 02, 2008

My Friday night & Saturday was spent with Shahmi and Ira. Sadly, Eqin did not joined us on both days. Friday night was slacking outside macdonalds, jurong east entertainment. We bought food at nearby pasar malam and just slack till 9 plus and off home since Bf was nagging non-stop. Did you know that jurong east entertainment is closed for renovation, I think. No more late night talks at there. Moving on, saturday was out to Town with them again after much persuasion I asked from the bf. The initial agenda was to buy birthday gift for the bf but I really have no idea on what to buy. I bought almost all the stuffs for him. Handphone, psp, mp3, clothes, shoes, bag, wallet, perfume, cap. & etc. So it was a tough decision but we still managed to grab something. Oh well, I ended the night by leaving town early to meet my mum & sis at jurong point to have dinner before making way for grocery shopping.

To bf, I'm so hurt by your sarcastic remark yesterday night. It really shows that you don't appreciate and like it. I cried myself to sleep whenever I have an argument with you. It's very difficult to talk things out with you. Whatever it is, I just can't wait to meet you.

I'm hungry. Gonna eat some chips and take a nap for a while to ease my mind.

11:26 AM

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