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Sunday, November 23, 2008

I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.

With our favourite baby boy, Danish.

Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one.

A day out with my love never fails to tug on my heartstrings...

Reply to tags:
Sasa: Babe! I got new VS :) hee.. how much you got that black one deary?
Irah: That pink & biege vs kan you post at your blog? Lawa! I got it mine at $75.

Berry: ey how come i tag nvr kluar one ah! EH FINALLY I CAN TAG! AHAHAHA
Irah: Suker kau eh tag! Taglah selalu. Aku selalu baca tapi take ages to reply.

Nana chica: (:
Irah: Nana, sms when you got back your hp tau.

Daya: yalaaa..boring right. aku pon kalau boleh nk meet hari2. hahah! anw update blog slalu la! boring sey kat keje tkde benda nk bace.
Irah: Aku malas nak type kadang-kadang. Tu sebab aku upload jer pics.

Fuzy: HELOOO HELOOO Irah! keke. Hw r you? Da lame tk singgah di sini. But, im here!! Keke. Pretty Irah, i loikee!
Irah: I'm doing good babe! Ceh, you going to be an actress seh. All the best k!

Qysha: kt kedai Accessories ade! i pernah nmpk!
Irah: Is it? Ok, I will check it out. Thanks!

Smy: at haji lane!
Irah: Which part? Name of the shop?

ira: my school party shop ada lah
Irah: Aku buy dress first then aku drop by sana ok. Kau teman aku tau.

Taro: irah.ask azim to call me.meet me up.long time never catch up.814*****.
Irah: Ok!

Nameless: you look like a barbie doll wearing red top. you can find it @ far east plaza. I saw it .
Irah: I'm not perfect, nameless. Far east plaza, what is the name of the shop?

Berry : mask? at haji lane. or some lane daerah sana. ada costume shop. best! ada banyak! go go go!
Irah: The name of the shop? Kau nak aku cari satu haji lane per?

Sharlize Brook : heyy babe come on here, ***y-couture.livejournal.com/
Irah: I also got order black bomber jacket before tau.

Qysha: get well soon babe! :)
Irah: I'm getting better. Thank you sweets.

lalala : u could be pregnant? be careful.. u could be went to pangkeng rite wit azim recently...ishk..
Irah: I'm not pregnant FYI. Pangkeng? MF only lah you~

jaz: take good care of yourself babe! try eating something sweet? like chocolate?
Irah: I always eat something sweet, but still the same.

Daya : azim, stop eh kau. mushy giler or what?? aku pon tk seterok gitu.hahaha.. jgn marah. joke2 je eh. LOL.
Irah: LOL. Dia memang gitu lah Daya. Mat jiwang.

someone: maybe u could be preggy or suffering from low blood pressure.
Irah: I'm not pregnant and yes I'm suffering from low blood pressure.

* : cld be u need glasses..go check it out
Irah: I heard about it too when someone is always dizzy, might need glasses.

Berry: ey kucing kau buat aerobic kape! HAAHAH! comel sia! anws, jaga diri baik2, kau tu da lah halussss gitu! ahaha eat moreeee!!
Irah: Cute kan! Dia tengah nak tido lar! Hahahaha! Aerobic kaper? Aku makan banyak tapi the same. Alar, kau pun ape kurangnya dengan aku? Kurus jugak. LOL.

I know, I know. I will take ages to reply to tags. But I will still reply to your tags, don't worry. Weekend seem to be very fast and it's back to mundane monday. Boring seh! I'm waiting for bf to come here and watch vcds together that we bought recently. Toodles!

2:55 PM

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