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Friday, November 14, 2008

As far as I am concerned, I haven't been blogging lately and there are a jolly good number of posts with photos in them waiting to be uploaded. That shall be update in my next entry, probably in the weekend. I feel like I've lost my passion for blogging man, sheesh. No hold on, passion is a too strong vocab to describe! I mean I do love writing but yeah, sometimes I get kind of lazy to blog. Feels so good to be back typing away.

It’s my turn to work on Saturday. I always dreaded to work on Saturday. Half of my weekend is gone. I was craving for bone steak (tulang) and kept asking the bf to eat with me this weekend but mum bought it yesterday night. It’s finger licking good! So, no more craving for the bone steak. It will be Arnold or Popeye this weekend, hopefully if the bf can exchange his guard duty with someone else. I loathe the management at his camp because he can’t book out every single day like before. It will be night out either Tuesday or Thursday. He must be back at certain time. If not, confinement for him. Benci sekali.

Online shopping can cause serious damage to one's bank account. So I think I shall close the other browser windows before I click my way to bankruptcy. But I really like the top, the bags, and the make-up. Everything looks so pretty & nice. I can’t really spend that much cause I’m saving up my ass off for something. But it’s so tempting to shop.

I was reading the latest issue of CLEO magazine and I have a rough idea on what to wear for my D&D; The make-up, the manicure & pedicure, the dress, the mask, the heel, the handbag. Best or what?! It will be held at Grand Copthorne Hotel, just nearby Zouk. If the bf permits, then we can go Zouk together. But I know the bf won’t even go. The pre-event will be air brush tattoo. I think I may want to do a pretty butterfly on my leg? My hand? Or even better on my back shoulder? Oh my, sounds so exciting. I’m so looking forward for 2009.

I just hope this Saturday I can go out with the bf and window shop for my dress & mask. I need time to browse through the shops. *cross finger*

12:11 PM

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