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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Jaz : i think azim looks good in specs. hee. miss ya babe!! take care!
Irah : Yup, I think so too. Maybe because he's botak. Suits with the specs. Miss ya too babe! I've called Dinah for the next meet up but she have night shift for the next few weeks. Don't know when can meet up.

-=-valentina-=- : dear i've change my link,relink me aitez.
Irah: Re-link done!

smallboy : irah i love u so much just missing u syg..u just like apart of ma life...ns is ***up...i hate ns...i really...love u...u jangan naughty2..i pinch u very hard then u know...love u syg i gtg got some works to do lup u muacks!muacks!big hug!!!grr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!syg u irah
Irah : I'm missing you too b. 2 weeks is very long seh. Can't wait for you too book out. Love you dear.

Qysha : auww.. the latest entry soo sweet!
Irah : Sweetkan... Rindu kepada sang kekasih I. :)

nanachca : hello, thanks for dropping by. what is that you need to ask me eh? is it personal? heh, if it is then probably you can find me at friendster. (:
Irah : Message you already. Do reply.

Irah : Hi babe! Miss hanging out with you. Meet up soon.

Qysha : elo babe! haha! tnx for the info.. anw my bf was alrdy been 'found' sun nite..
Irah : Thank god! I wanted to sms you right away but I then I don't have your number. Hehe.

eka : i've moved babe. relinked. ((:
Irah : Re-link done!

Shasha : Irah darling~ I was sitting at the fountain, near taka. BEBE seh budak tu. You know, I know k... Inside joke.
Irah : Hot kan tu BEBE! Takleh angkat!

Betty : babe, i saw u ytd at far east with ur bf..tkcr! =)
Irah : Hello babe. Which betty are you? If can next time tegur k. Thanks for dropping by sweets.

Tags been reply. I'm so mendak now. I'm trying to refrain myself from online shopping. I've been bloghopping, friendster-ing, listening to songs but still boring. I've not eaten anything from just now. I feel so bloated.
Eqin & Ira asked me along to city hall later but then the bf don't allow. Boring seh. So I got no plan till monday. Mendak kaper?! Nvm, I can have my rest at home.

4:24 PM

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