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Thursday, October 23, 2008

I’m turning into a very lazy blogger. I’m trying my best to recall on last week event. If I can remember, me & the bf went town for the last 2 week. We always ate at Cahaya whenever we are at Town before doing some shopping. Cotton On has really nice fitted cardigan. Their sleepwears are so comfy to wear. The bf tricked me saying he wanted to meet his friends at Orchard Tower but it was at Naughty Girl instead. Eventually some guys smile and flirt, right infront of bf’s eyes, making him pissed. I mean it’s standard if we are at a club. Served him right for tricking me in the first place. I’m going to hit Town again next week for gift hunting and mini shopping but without the bf. Bf can’t book out till 5th November and 4th November is his birthday. I’m left with no choice but to celebrate his belated birthday on the 6th. So I still got time to hunt for his birthday gift. Any idea what to buy for a guy? I have no idea what to buy for him as I’ve already bought for him tops, shoes, slipper, cap, pants, watch, wallet & etc. Thought of bringing him for sky ride but he hates the sun. But I’ve an idea on where to bring him and the gift I shall buy. I’m going to do manicure and threading too. Next week will definitely be busy week for me. Anybody want to tag along with me to do some shopping together? I shall upload lots of pictures when I get back home. Perut aku tengah cramp giler nie. I’m off to rest for a while then. Macam nak balik & tido gituk.

12:39 PM

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