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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I felt that today passed by reallllllllllllllllll slow (need to emphasize more on the l). Anyway, last Friday was lepak session with Shahmi (maklumlah, budak CD baru book out), Ira & Eqin. As usual, bf & I met the rest at Jurong East Entertainment. Mr CD guy was so pemurah hati on that day. We took cab to Shahmi’s house first then cabbed again to Town to meet Eqin from work. That’s when all started, the heated argument between me & the bf. As usual, the bf will always give in despite at times it’s my fault. We went our separated ways with the rest and caught the midnight movie, The House of Bunny. Not that good as what I’m expecting. But overall bf & I just want to spend time together.

Weekend was stay home for me cause relatives came for Hari Raya visiting. This is the one advantages of having grandparents staying with my family. Sunday was the in-laws together with bf’s mum’s siblings came. Mind you, it’s only 4 families came. Bf’s mum has 15 siblings in total. It will be total madness if 15 of them turn up with their own family. Mum cooked spaghetti in one big pot. And it was finished in just few minutes! Sadly, I did not join in the outing cause I was too lazy to wear kebaya and put on my make-up. What’s more Monday I need to go work.

Monday, bf & I had 3 rounds of pool and I lost to him. Dinner was at KFC and I swear that I eat chicken every single day. And have you watched www.kfcruelty.com? Go and watch it! It’s such a sadistic abuse and a part of me felt guilty of eating chicken. Oh my!

I just can’t wait to meet the bf later to have soup tulang at Beach Road. I’m freaking hungry! I’m badly craving for Mee Soto especially with hot & spicy sambal mix together. Oh so syiok! Bf’s mum mee soto really kick ass! I’m salivating thinking of mee soto. But my working place canteen don’t sell mee soto anymore. So sad lah!
To add in my sadness, tomorrow is the day. Don’t ask me what day or why. Tak semua perlu tahu eh.

5:34 PM

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