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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Something is bothering my mind right now. The moment I heard the news from the bf, my heart sunk. I guess he's left with no choice. So I will not be meeting him till next tuesday. Forget about geylang this friday with him. I shall go with my family this saturday and buy the stuffs we need at one go. It's more easier that way. I just need to wait for him then we will buy our clothes together. By next week, I shall be done with my preparation of hari raya and need to concentrate more on the house instead. Yeah, spring cleaning especially. My leave have been approved from 30 september to 3 october. Awesome! Just that I need to come back to work on saturday to clear a bit of my work. Malam raya bergotong-royonglah at home with my siblings and grandparents and at the same time listen to hari raya songs. Semangat sikit nak kemas rumah! But too bad my mum can't take leave on malam raya. I just hope that dad will close his stall and be at home instead. I guess I have no time to bake. Just buy at Raja Kueh lor! 24 hours some more.

I can't wait to knock off from work. Will be meeting babe Dinah later. I don't wish to go home at this moment. Sunyi seh at home without nobody. Bf, I miss you so much! 9 days without seeing you is so miserable. :(

HAPPY BELATED 20th BIRTHDAY TO BABE JAZ! Hope you have a fabolous day on your birthday!

12:38 PM

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