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Monday, September 01, 2008

Over the weekend, the bf & me managed to watch Death Race and I tell you, it was awesome. Worth the money. Go watch it. Next up, bf treat for The House of Bunny. I've been wanting to watch The Love Guru but till now still not yet. But fret no, I got the VCD already. It's just that my dvd player at home is spoilt. Boohoo. I still got a few vcds to watch, Sex & The City, License to Wed, Ayat-Ayat Cinta & etc. Oh, I also can't wait to watch I'm Not Single. I just love to watch movie.

I did soft rebonding yesterday so no more bad hair days for me. Bf's dad was sweet enough to send us to the saloon with lorry. It's been ages since I sat on lorry and it was fun! With the wind blowing, bf, his sis, one of the twin and me jokes and laugh around. I want more it. Best! And I love my hair now. Worth the 2 hours plus I sat inside the saloon. Bf was so sweet to accompanied, sat beside me and chat with me throughout the process.

No monday blues for me today mainly because I was so busy that I did not even have time to rest except for lunch time which I used the time to surf the net. Did not even realise that it was almost 5.30pm. Knocked off from work and kept thinking what to eat for breaking fast.

My sis cooked spaghetti and fried fries for me and the brother. My heart sunk whenever it's fasting month time. It's always been like that for every year. I kept remembering about the past where my whole family will break fast together. How I wish we have the time, just to eat as one whole family. That's why I love to break fast at the bf's house. Seeing the wide spread of food on the table and his family breaking fast together, there was a family bonding in them. I want that for my family. Maybe I shall gather my dad, mum, bro & sis to break fast outside. Yeah, that will do.

I'm craving for the bazar ayam percik, ramly burger, dendeng, air katira & etc. But time do not permit for me. By the time I knock off from work and reached mrt station it will be around 6.30pm. The only time that I have is the weekend. So I really hope I can drop by jurong west bazar, buy food & drinks and eat together with my family.

Alright, I shall not be emotional. Look at the bright side. There's whole lots of spring cleaning need to be done bit by bit. I can't wait to go geyland and feel the hari raya atmosphere.

Alhamdullilah, I managed to fast on the first day of fasting although the big, fat, juicy ulcer was a killer.

Bf, this song is dedicated especially to you. Listen to the lyrics. It's what I'm feeling for you right now. I know you read my blog. I just want to tell you that I'm glad we are able to fast and celebrate hari raya again for the third year. Fasting month do has lots of memories for us. I know, you know. I love you so much that no words can describe how much you mean the whole world to me. I'll see you soon to break fast together. :)

8:33 PM

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