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Monday, September 22, 2008

I know I doesn't look like an elder sister. She's taller than me, shut up k!

Like I said, she's always raid my wardrobe and wear my clothes.

The three of us went geylang and bought everything in our shopping list. I can't believe that I fork out using my own money. I spent mostly on my family and I did not buy a single thing for myself cause I'm waiting for the bf to buy our suffs together. Just because I have a job already, my mum ask me to fork out for the expenses. Memang bertuah mak aku nie. We went out around 4pm and ended up reaching home around 11pm. Guess who I bumped into while quequing up for taxi? The bf's family. So kecoh lor! Upon reaching home, I gather all the receipts to calculate the damage that I've done. OMG! From the shopping, taxi fares, food & drink for breaking fast, I concluded that I'm $600 poorer! My very first time I spent ever much for hari raya using my hard earned money.

On a more happier note, I'm finally meeting the bf tomorrow! We are going geylang right after my work to buy our hari raya clothes. Yes, I'm so excited. It's like ages since I saw him. I miss him so much. This time round, I want to spend every single time with him. Can tomorrow come faster? I'm very eager to meet him. :)

9:31 PM

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