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Sunday, September 14, 2008

I don't really have much things to update. Last Friday was a last minute plan to break fast at geylang. I knew I can't make it on time so I drop by city hall and bought drinks and chocolate while waiting for the bf. Recieved sms from the bf that he was in cab and to just meet at paya lebar. Wah! I tell you, I was so pissed off with the bf for telling me at the very last minute. As usual, it was packed although it was friday night. We managed to get a seat at the foodstalls along haig road(is that spelling?). Literally I felt dizzy after finishing my mee kuah. Just as I expected, I vomitted the mee kuah I ate. Was not feeling that good last friday. What we did was just to survey for our hari raya clothes. So we saw what we want already but we plan to buy it next week instead. Thinking of going red but there's no really red colour design that I like. We cabbed to CCK to meet his friend, Ayie. We wasted time, chilled under his blk and then off the 24 hours clinic to get his mc. Cabbed to my house just to spend time since he will be on guard duty on saturday. Mum brought back food home and we sat at the hall, talking about ghosts. He went off around 2am and I woke up very late. I had 12 hours of sleep and it feels so nice to wake up late. I was supposed to go OCBC to bank in my money but then was feeling lazy.

Saturday, geylang again but with mum, sis & my cousin. Drop by plaza singapura to picked my cousin up and off to geylang. Showed mum the kebaya that I want & then my kepo sis also want it. $180 for it. Expensive but pretty. We walked to joo chiat & tanjong katong to find a cheaper kebaya but to no avail. So I'm left with no choice then. Finally I get to eat dendeng. Very sweet & nice! Shop for alas meja, cushion cover, alas kaki & etc. We listed all the items down in a piece of paper of what to buy. We still have other things that need to buy. It was already 10pm and my cousin really need to go home since she will be working on sunday morning. With the plastic bags being carried, we hailed a cab home. Too bad the bf was not with us cause he's the one who usually carry our shopping bags.

Today we might be going IKEA to get our bedsheets, along with the bf. Pity him alot. Just this morning he finished his guard duty and I know he will be tired. But he insist want to follow. I shall go geylang next week again to buy our clothes and shop a bit for the hari raya. Alright, the bf is here already. Toodles!

8:23 AM

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