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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I can smell the weekend already. It's a pity that the bf won't be joining my family to Geylang. I think the bf & me are going black and gold for this year hari raya. We shall see. Saturday will be his mum's birthday. I've bought her birthday gift already. I shall wait for the bf and will pass it together with him. Can't wait for weekdays to be over. Working 9-5 got no life ok! Only when you start working, then you will feel what I'm feeling right now. The best part of working is when the pay is in and all that money is yours. You can do whatever you want with it.

Yesterday was a last minute meet up with babe Jaz & Dinah at Jurong East Entertainment. Shout out to Qysha, I think it was you breaking fast at KFC right? If yes, I'm too shy to say hello! Hehe. Moving on, I break my fast at mcdonald and just right after finishing my mc chicken meal, Dinah began her story-telling about maggots found in the curry sauce & yadda yadda. We talked about being vegetarian. I loved animals and I know it's so cruel to eat meat but I don't really eat vegetables. Ewww, I will vomit ok. If the world left with no meat then probably I have no choice to be a vegan. We played pool for an hour plus then bid goodbye. I was supposed to pass them the gift but that Dinah told me at the very last minute to meet up.

The rest of the photos is still with Jaz. Can't believe that our friendship since secondary school is still as close till now. I still remember our secondary school days. Techers called us racial harmony cause the three of us are always together. When one skip school, another two will do the same. We shared alot of memories in jurong secondary school and that memories will always kept inside my mind. I really treasure both of them and babes, I heart both of you alot. :)

Muhammad Azim, I'm missing you truckloads. Just can't wait for you to be back into my arms.

9:47 PM

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