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Saturday, September 27, 2008

I've just woken up from my afternoon nap along with the bf. He accompanied me shopping in the afternoon and boy, the weather was humid & hot! We crashed my bed as soon reached my house. That bf of mine is still snoring away despite waking him up lots of time. The bf made a surprise out of me in the morning. We had a litte tiff last night and I off my hp all night long. I woke up to get ready for work when I saw the house door was slightly open. So I close back and then I heard someone open it back again. There he was, infront of my house, telling me since subuh he waited for me outside my house. Awwww, I was touched but at the same time still was pissed off with him. But we're ok now. Normal argument in a relationship. I'm smelling something nice from the kitchen. My mum is preparing for breaking fast later on.

How's your hari raya preparation going? Well, I've done my shopping earlier on and I'm just left to find a gorgeous black/white earring to go along with my kebaya. And trimmed my eyebrows too. But I have no idea where to find a nice earring. This is just so last minute. Hopefully by monday, I'll be done with that. And comes tuesday, I'll be on leave till friday. My home is still in mess. Maybe my family members are still not feeling the vibe yet for hari raya. It's always the night before hari raya then we will prepare everything last minute. I'm anticipating for hari raya already. I shall end this post wishing you readers, Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin.

6:24 PM

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