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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Because of this food, I ended up in the hospital!

I'm back! I miss blogging. I miss my computer. I miss my home. I miss Kecik. I miss my bed. I miss almost everything. This is because I've been discharged from the Alexandra Hospital due to severe food poisoing yesterday. All of this happened on Wednesday night when the bf and me break fast at pizza hut, jurong east entertainment. I had peppery ribs and half an hour later, my stomach was in pain. I persuaded bf to finish his food fast cause I need to use toilet urgently. I badly want to go home. That's all I think about. I was in and out of the toilet from 8.30pm till 11.30pm. The pain was unbearable that bf have to call my mum to come back home. Within 10 minutes when my mum reached home, we took cab to the hospital. That's when the misery started. I was growling in pain. I even vomit the spaghetti I ate.

The doctor gave me drip & injection. I was on the waiting bed from midnight till 2am then I was warded. I can't sleep. Doctors and nurses kept coming to check my temperature, my blood pressure, my urine, my stool, my blood. Mum and the bf went home after that. I can't really sleep although I was too weak. I managed to sleep around 5am and woke up around 9am the next day. I opened up my eyes and two doctors was infront of me, greeted me good morning. After check-up, my drip can be removed (thank god! It was so painful!) and I took a shower. My dad and sis came around noon. Bf came in a while, followed by Jaz, Eqin & Dinah. I felt better upon seeing them. At least I'm not bored with them around.

On Friday, bf actually surprised me at 6.50am with mcdonalds hotcake cause I told him on the second day I was warded that I was craving for it. It was raining heavily but bf still come just to surprise me. I was touched. He kissed on my cheecks and prepare the hotcakes for me while I went to brush my teeth. The good news was that I can be discharged in the afternoon. Bf and me waited till 1pm for the doctor's report, settle the bills and etc. Cabbed back home and was too happy to see my home.

For that 3 days I was warded, I really appreciate my family, my babes and especially my bf who was with me all the way. To bf, I was really touched that you stay beside me when I was sick. You even kept quiet when I accidentally vomit on your hands. In fact, you wipe my mouth and even comforted me. You stay by my side till wee hours in the morning and go back home. But still, you came to visit me early morning although you did not have enough sleep. You took urgent leave just to be with me. You surprised me with hotcakes when I was craving for it. When I saw you fell asleep right next to me, I coudn't express how much you mean the whole world to me. I love you, muhammad azim.

Enough on that painful experience. Today I managed to go jurong west bazar with mum and my bf. Finally I get to drink air katira. We break fast together at my home. Sunday might be going geylang. If not, spring cleaning for the house. I'll be back work on monday. My instinct tells me that I have to clear alot of work.

9:13 PM

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