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Sunday, August 10, 2008

My love, my bf, my best friend, my sweetheart, my baby, my sayang, my dear, my future hubby (insya-allah) & my everything.

This is the top that I want but not worth the bucks!

Nasi Patayya which taste so-so.
My forever hungry dad.
My sweet & sour chicken. Sour jer lebih!

My dad gets irritated when the food arrived very slow.
Camwhore lah, aper lagik.
The satay is nice.
The cockles which taste ewww! Not fresh.
Sambal kangkong which taste masin nak mampus.

My lovely mum. Chet!
My irritating selalu nak pinjam baju sister.
My pendiam brother which only speak 5 sentences per day.

The aftermath.

I did a mini shopping yesterday with my family & the bf at causeway point. And I can eat grass for the rest of the days till my next pay. But the charles & keith bag is gorgeous cause I've been eyeing it for 2 months ago and finally bought it without much hesitation. METRO has lots of super nice pretty tops. Tried on this laidback black tee and it's super comfy. But the price is a ripped off. 40 bucks for it?! Oh well, before that mini shopping, the whole family excluding the bf had dinner together, like finally! We had dinner at makan shiok at jurong west and that will be the first and the last cause the food was sucky. All the food except for the satay. So next up will bring the family to Al-Ameen woodlands. Gonna be my treat again.

At night, the whole family of mine & the bf came over to my dad's stall to have a discussion. The date has been set. I won't reveal that much here cause it's too personal for me to say. All I know is that the both of us will be saving much more. Well, I have 3 years to save like mad while the bf only have 2 years after his ORD.

I'm going to clean up the house in a while and set aside the shoes & bags for the bf's army friends to collect. With that tons of shoes in that 7 boxes, I can't do it alone so the bf is coming over in a while. Baguslah tu, there's no food at home. Mum's out for volunteer with her colleagues. I feel like going Johor to buy some vcds; high school musical 3, house of bunny, my sassy girl, i'm not single, the love guru & lot's more. But Johor is not save anymore. Pfft!

So, me & the bf have decided on the colour of our hari raya clothes like finally.

10:29 AM

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