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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I've been playing 'senoman' (is that the spelling?) for the past few months and I decided to continue again till next year. This means that I can barely shop that much, that's the sad point. But I did all this for the both of us. Yes, kept telling myself that marriage is not cheap. The catering alone can cost 15k, the mak andam put that around 6k, the bus rent, the honeymoon, the printing of card & etc. I do not want to to use my parents money for my wedding. Let it be my hard-owned money. The bonus money too, all of it will be inside the savings account. I know it's young to think of marriage right now, but savings should be start early right? It's no harm at all.

The date is drawing near. 3 months from now. Insya-allah, everything will goes smoothly. I'm quite panic at the moment. I have not search for his ring, but guys don't really fancy that ring that much. So I will do some survey for it. Any of you readers have any idea which shops have a unique and nice design ring for guys but at the same time affordable too? And I have not bought our hari raya clothes yet. It seems that we have to buy the ready made one just like 3 years ago.

Back to work again tomorrow. I'm on mc today, actually. Reason being, sick. Yes, really sick.

8:49 PM

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