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Thursday, August 07, 2008

I've been dying to update this rusty blog of mine but I just can't seem to find the time. Eversince I've learnt new things at work, I do not even have the time to sit back and surf the net like before. Work is sure piling up. After I'm done with this work, another work will come in again. Everything seems to be fast here. I'm trying my best to understand what has been taught but at some point of the time I will forget. It's a nature for a newbie like me. Making mistakes and learn from it. I'm supporting the admin / hr and accounts dept. Basically it involves all the dept. God, I've been going up & down countless of times. It's very tiring. Got one point of time I broke down cause I could not take it. Maybe the heavy workload, the pressure, the tiredness or etc. The only comfort that I turn to is none other the bf who never stop giving me encouragement. :)

Talking about work is never ending. I'm contented with life right now. I'm taking step by step to achieve some of my dreams. Savings account - done, insurance policy - done, loved ones are around, career is going smooth. There are still few more things to achieve. One of it is to get diploma in human resources. Found this website especially focus on HR. But the fees, makes me paused for a while. I wasted my parents money for my mass comm diploma. It really got nothing to do with my current work. 4k wasted just like that! Everyhing involves money. If only I'm born rich, every desire can be fulfill.

Overdue pictures will be upload perhaps tonight after seeing the doctor later. Lunch time now! Toodles.

12:10 PM

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