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Friday, August 08, 2008

I'm taking a short break now from doing the bill analysis. I hate doing this especially when it's not tally with the total amount! I have to do it one by one all over again to spot the mistakes. Mampus! Seeing all sorts of numbers makes me headache already.

Today, 08/08/08 marks one year I've been working at my current place. It's just so fast time passed by. As soon I graduated with the diploma in mass comm, I flipped by the straits time and going online to search for a job every single day. The first job I got was working as a secretary in a law firm which I worked for only less than 2.5 month cause the firm was corrupted. Yeah, not systematic, no HR = salary being paid anyhow. The second job was admin assistant in a tiles company. I barely worked for 3 days then I had ear infection which I took almost 1 week mc. I felt partial guilty so I resigned on my own accord. Few days later, I receieved a call from my current workplace asking me to come for an interview. I wanted to cancel my interview as I find that Tuas was far. But the bf told me to give it a try. The inteview went fine when my current manager told me she will give me a call after that. People said that usually if the interviewer said will call back, chances are we do not get the job. I was inside the bus with the bf, going for another interview when my current manager called me saying I got the job and can start work the following day. I was so happy when I heard that!

I'm happy to be working here. I have an understanding and stylish manager, friendly colleagues, the working enviroment is good, no need to dress up for work (working in a building and construction company), salary paid on time, no conflict, not that much office politics, canteen just beside the work place (save my energy on walking), the bonus is the bomb! & the list goes on. The only thing that I do not like is we have to work alternate saturday (BORING!). My aim to learn as much as I can especially in HR. I'm very interested in that. There's alot to be learn in HR. Examples, payroll administration, training & development, general management, human resource management, employee relations & etc. Too much to list down. I'm very much happy with my work although the pay will be higher if I work with other company. But more money doesn't mean happy with work. I'm contented currently. Alhamdullilah.

TGIF! I'm dropping by my mum's workplace later on to collect the shoes & bags that the bf's army friends had ordered. 7 big boxes to be brought home and sorted out. No plan for the weekend yet. Perhaps catch movie, chill, window shopping with Shahmi, Eqin, Ira & Taufik on Sunday. I want to watch The Love Guru! If not, probably I'll just stay home which I don't think so cause the bf loves to go out rather than stay home.

On a happier note, this month I'll be working only on one saturday. Happy seh! :) And my online shopping items arrived this morning! Sungguh gorgeous sekali the maxi dress, MAC lipgloss & the floral top. See, I've cut down on my shopping spree as I need to put aside quite a sum of money every month. And I got to do something with my hair. Soft rebonding maybe.

I think I rant too much already. Need to clear my pending work ASAP. Enjoy your weekend peeps!

3:17 PM

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