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Saturday, July 19, 2008

I did not expect that today will be fun despite the heavy rain. The bf's family rent a van and mum, my sis & me tagged along. The first stop was to go KK hospital intending to buy some stuffs but the pharmacy was closed. All of us were hungry and his dad suggested beach road. The bf and me were craving for tulang for the past few weeks but we did not have the chance to go. We was a happy couple when we had our tulang together with milo blended. It's the most nicest and delicious tulang that I've taste. Good food = happy me! Off we went to geylang in search of hari raya cloth. But in the end we did not purchased anything cause nothing pleased us. The twin badly want to go vivo city and that's when the shopping started especially at Daiso. Both of the mums were practically buying in bulk. As for me, candy empire is the one that I love the most. Chocolates and more chocolates I bought. To end the night, we bought packed away dinner at west coast. And guess what was my dinner? Tulang, again!

I love it when my family are getting closer with the future in-laws (insya-allah). It was a great bonding. Nothing is important than family ties. I can never be happier than I am right now. Bf, let's forget about the past. I know you are upset about it. So am I. You have your flaws, I have mine too. We, human beings, are not that perfect. But with the imperfections, we can work things out. I'm so thankful for having you in my life.

11:07 PM

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