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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Alhamdullilah. An increment, that's what every employee is looking forward to.
With that, my manager has given me the trust to handle some HR. That's what I want since I've started working. Taking step by step and learn more on HR, insya allah. With the feedback given by her, I'm sure I can learn and do it. I've read a bit of the thick ISO file and trying to understand it. I've been smiling and been happy lately cause of this. :D

Last monday, small boy and me finally rode the DHL balloon. Bf has fear of height. He was standing in the middle, holding both hand onto the rope. He dared not to look down even after I hugged and comforted him. Imagine, it was 50 storey high! What's more with the strong wind blowing.The view was magnificent. We rode it at night and I can see clearly the view of the whole bugis place. But it's not worth the 23 bucks to ride the balloon for only 10 minutes cause the timing is too fast. Then we had dinner at Beach Road. We sat at the wrong place cause I taught it was the place where we usually sat. Eventually it was the opposite side. So there goes my craving for tulang and milo shake. We tried another dish, Nasi Pattaya for him and Fried Rice with black pepper chicken for me. It was barely ok but the milo shake sucks big time. It tasted so bitter! We won't ever going to that stall again! Pfft!

On a brighter note, I can't wait for the weekend! I'm like super duper excited cause I have plans lined up. I'm looking foward for this Sunday as Eqin's sister is getting married. Like finally, I can meet her! I love to go to wedding place as I get to see the beautiful pelamin, the cupcakes & etc. I can have some ideas for my wedding too. Have you seen Norfasarie & Bakhaikki (whatever the spelling is) wedding photos? It's very, very, very gorgeous! Like really, it's so beautiful. I think I want to wear kebaya but it's troublesome for me. But whatever it is, I can still head back home after that to change since Eqin's place is not that far from mine.

I just can't wait to knock off from work then I'll be meeting the bf for my threading session later. I need to buy some make-up too. Arnold this friday with him, hopefully. Then saturday, perhaps a mini shopping. NOTE TO MYSELF: Buy the stuffs that I need not WANT. Pictures will be up soon!

4:17 PM

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