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Friday, July 25, 2008

1) What do you like about this person?
Alot to be mention. He always put me as his priority, he always gives in whenever we are in heated argument, he surprised me at times, he's caring and concern towards me, he will be there for me always, he's smile brighten my day when I'm down, his hug & kisses are irresistable & there's too much to list it.

2) Does he makes you laugh?
Always, he's a joker.

3) Does this person go to your school?

4)How long have you known this person?
Since 2005. It will be 3 years plus.

5) How did you meet him?
Ah what a sweet memories whenever I remember about this. Met him through my primary school friend, S, which she has a crush on him. I was having conflict with my ex and my ex was actually his classmate. So, he called me one night and that's when things started. :)

6) What do he do that annoys you the most?
His possesiveness. At times really can't take it.

7) Do you talk on the phone with him?
Every day.

8) Do he have a friendster?
Used to but now been deleted by me.

9) Do you hang out with this person a lot?
Every single day.

10) Have you even hugged this person?
Every single minute whenever me meet.

11) Do you know a lot about this person?
Yup, real lot. From his childhood till now. All his secrets are with me

12) What is his favorite color?
Black, I think? Lol. He does not have specific favourite colour.

13) Have you ever dreamt about this person?

14) Are you best friends?
Yes, he's my friend, best friend and boyfriend.

15) Have he even been to your house?
Yup, lots of times. He even sleepover.

16) Have you ever been to their house?

17) Does this person have siblings?
Yes, a younger sister and twin brother.

18) How old is this person?
Soon to be 19.

19) Do you talk to him daily?

20) When do you usually hang out with this person?
After my work on weekdays and weekends too. Every single day!

21) Do you think that he like you alittle or alot?
Better be alot. Right, bf?

22) Do you have a nickname for this person?
Yes. Secret between us. Shhhh....

23) How close have you been to this person?
Very, very, very close. Like seriously.

24) Have you ever lied to this person?
I admit, yes. But I never ever cheat on him.

25) Has his friend asked you if you like him?
His friends should know, duh!

26) Have he ever complimented you?
Yes. :D

27) Is him the first sign that you look for when you sign online?
He doesn't really log in msn.

28) Does he makes you smile?

29) Do you LOVE his smile?
Yes, with his cute dimple.

30) Is he taller than you?
A bit taller.

31) What would you do if he asked you out?
Of course I agreed.

32) Have you dated him b4?
Duh, yeah!

33) Does he like music?

34) Have you dated his best friend?
Never will.

35) Is it fun to hangout with him?
Of course! With him around, it sure spells FUN!

36) Do you think he knows that this survey is about him?
He will know if he's reading it.

37) Do you love him or just like him?
Love him with all my heart and soul. Never have I love a guy like this before till I met him.

12:23 PM

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