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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The past 3 days (6 june - 8 june) was awesome cause I did lots of shopping! Yes, 3 days straight in a row! The feeling of purchasing new stuffs brought adrenaline rush in me. And I did not pay a single cents for it. I'm all smile. :) The bf surprised me with vadai & ramly burger right after work yesterday. The 2 food that I always buy whenever there's pasar malam. I'm glad that I'm meeting the bf every single day & spending time with him is pricless. To my babes, I hope we will meet soon. Don't say I don't miss you! In fact, I'm thinking of girls day out. I miss bitching & laughing with you babes.

My advanced course will officially starts every thursday (which is today) & I'm thinking to go next week instead. I have 2 ulcers in my mouth & it's making me miserable. I have difficulty drinking especially plain water & chewing my food. The pain in undescribable! The only thing I'm looking forward is the weekend. The bf & me planned to ton on saturday till sunday morning which he will go back to his camp for guard duty. I want to eat at Al-Ameen at woodlands. We had Al-Ameen on my birthday at 1am & I want it again! The price is affordable & the food is better than Lau Pa Sat. So bf, Al-Ameen this saturday ok? We will chill at there till wee hours in the morning. I'm salivating thinking of the food. Weekend, come soon pls?

11:38 AM

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