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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nurul: Irah, were you at simei few days ago? I strongly believe it's you with your bf. Nak tegur but you won't know me... been reading ur blog.
Irah: Hello nurul! Yeah, I was at simei banyak kali. It's ok. Just tegur cause I won't bite. I'm the most friendly girl you will ever know. :p

Juz: happy 20th birthday girl! :D
Irah: Thank you Juz!

Anut nora: Happy Birthday IRAH!!! *throw confetti* hehe.. May you stay happy lways! mwarkss!!~ =D
Irah: Awww, thanks aunt for the wish.

yana: hey pretty irah, hppy 20th birthday. stay gorgeous & hot always! enjoy ur day!
Irah: Thank you yana.

Faziee: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE SWEETEST GIRL IN TOWN! && I saw my name! Jom, jom! Tell me in advance okayy. Babe, leave me your number thru my mail/msn alright!
Irah: THANKS babe! :) Jom, we go out one day. I rarely online cause I'm so malas to chat. When I'm online I'll leave you my number k.

Irah: Ceh, sayang jugak yer kat kakak. :p

wawa: may i know the tittle of this song, pretty please?Irah: Ok by Bresco feat Akon.
betty: i saw u & ur bf ytd at haig rd tgh mkn..i was just sitting beside u, babe..nk tegur, but i don't think u know me..tkcr, prettyhead..
Irah: If I am not wrong, there's two malay girls sat beside me. One pakai tudung. Another one with long hair. So which one is you? Next time tegur ok. :)

Diy :i love reading your blog cause it's always full of pictures. Do blog more often! Ignore those hate taggers cause they are plainly jealous of you. Tc sweets....
Irah: I will blog often if I have the free time. Been busy everyday. But don't worry I will blog with pictures more often.

Emily: eeee.azim gay.dok aku busy ah ngan course aku.weekend maybe ade time.
Irah: Sembarang jer. Guy aku pure lah! Kau jangan msg sebab azim selalu off his hp. Anything call.

faziee: babe, whats the title of the song? =D
Irah: Ok by Bresco feat. Akon.

Emily: i wanna **** you!
Irah: Ini bukan Wan yang aku kenal. Whoever you are, kalau dah gian sangat main pompan lain k.

Emily: irah,mane azim pegi dah,siang2 da post out.his company fella told me tu pasal tgk dia da hilang kat bmt.one day ask him gimme a call.we could hang out or smthg and do come along.-961****2
Irah: I've passed your number to him already.

nana: do not cut hair irah! rambut dah lawa....
Irah: Unfortunately, I've cut my hair & I regret alot. :(

Irah: What's up with the tits?!

Aisha: Agreed with faziee. The beat of the song is right to dance in the club.
Irah: Yup! Love it!

Faziee: i love this songggg! =D
Irah: I love it too babe.

MsBOnkerz: been an avid reader of urs. heh. cuma tak tag fo so long. :P love yer pixies. keep yer pixies flowing yaw! i loike yer hair laa babe. prettay! :)
Irah: Hello mas! If you still remember, we went out together once. Ingat tak? You like my hair? I don't like it. Always have bad hair day. Benci sangat!

Kynz: what's the tittle of the song?
Irah: Ok by bresco feat. Akon

Dinah: U MIA SEH!!!!!!!!!!!!haiz
Irah: NO! We will meet up soon one day. I miss hanging out with you & Jaz. Seriously, I do.

Aunt nora: irah.. long time aunty nvr hear from u! bz kot?! hehe.. romantik la dia wit boyfie! ;) tc..
Irah: Hello aunt nora! Keep myself busy with my guy, family & also work. You take care too hot mama!

Nurain :saw you at jurong east! ingat tak i'm the one who shouted your name? you look so loving towards your bf.
Irah: Oh yes! I still remember. Semangat eh! I'm always look loving towards him & no one else. Hehe.

faziee: lets go out one day! just u & me babyyyy! =D
Irah: Soon babe. I'll let you know.

juz: being in HR is a post where u need to challenge and be real resourceful. the faster you are the better you will be kind of thing. lol . and yes u need to be 'open' cos u'll realise that only 15% of the workforce require non-chn . :rolleyes:
Irah: I'm aiming for HR, hopefully one day. Thanks babe!

Juz: hello girl! ey spare me your free time at work, sempat snap pics lagi! lol. :diao:
Irah: For now, I'm not free as last time. My work has increased. But it's a good thing though.

Bf no 2: u bile nak pangkeng lagi? i rindu u tau
Irah: Pangkeng per? Carik pompan yang gian giler macam kau k, jantan!

Edd: 've updated my link. =)
Irah: Re-link will be done! Long time didn't hear from you.

Lynn :Aku nampak korang dua banyak kali. All the best with him i cay say.Azim was my ex last time. Kecik dunia. Anyway, all the best to both you and him. Kirim salam dia.
Irah: Really? Azim told me he does not have any ex by the name of yours. Whoever you are, thanks for your care & concern.

Annie: i work at.. tower one.. haa.. near mango.. =)
Irah: Read your blog but you will be changing job soon.

Valentina: hey itss me valentina i hope u still remember me do link me back!
Irah: Hello, yes I still remember you. Re-link will be done soon.

Ain :hey..juz bloghoppin..my daughter pun same name as u..hehe..nama blkng je..hehe..
Irah: Read your blog too but forgot to tag. Your baby girl is so adorable!

wonder: where are you working at? your workplace looks so cool.
Irah: In a building & construction company. Luckily my work place has such a good environment to work. :)
Like finally, tags been replied. I'll update with lots of pictures in my next entry. Knocking off from work & meeting my small boy as usual. :)

5:32 PM

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