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Saturday, June 21, 2008

As far as I am concerned, I haven't been blogging lately. The weather has been absurdly unkind to all of mankind recently, this is God's big joke on all of us, living creatures. Besides being blazed by the scorching heat, days are just going by, nothing exciting except my bf these days. Work is the same, its either excessive or nothing at all. Family is alright, I've been a good girl. Friends are here and there. The upcoming week should be good. Fabric for hari raya, night safari? cable car ride? skyride? shopping! Talking about shopping, I'm still considering whether to get BEBE jacket or Tiffany & Co heart toggle bracelet? Opinions, anyone? I love them both especially the bebe jacket. So hot & gorgeous! I really don't mean to be materialistic/superficial. But everyone definitely loves to buy something pretty & nice for their ownselves.

Bf promised to get this miu-miu inspired bag on my b'day but he did not eventually. :(

The bf & me went to Serangoon Plaza & Mustafa Centre yesterday afternoon. It's my first time going there & I was too excited seeing the chocolate section! Too many chocolates to choose & buy! The fabric were not that bad. Pretty & colourful. The perfume's price were considered cheap! 20% to 30% I could say. So, I'm going there again to buy chocolates & perfume. Thinking, YSL Babydoll or No5 Chanel. My Chanel perfume is finishing soon & I've been wearing VS Romantic Wish. We had dinner at this indian restaurant. Our egg thosai was as big as the plate, the chicken were hot & spicy, the mango juice was fresh. Definetely going to eat at the place again.

I'm being a good girl today. Stay at home & do some house chores. Bf is having his guard duty. We shall meet on sunday instead. I wanna watch movie but my brother has a lot of movie downloaded. Don't mess with the zohan, indiana jones & etc. Oh yes, my bidding for that kimono top was successful. The pleasure of online shopping. Have a gread weekend everyone.

1:36 PM

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