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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yesterday night, the bf was given the permission to go out but need to book in back before 12 midnight. The bf insisted want to meet up although I asked him to rest at his camp since he's tired unpacking the stuffs from the containers. As usual, I will browse through magazines at popular while waiting for him. He look so smart in his army uniform which is why I love when he's in his uniform. Since I got the$20 shop n save voucher, we bought junk foods for myself to eat at work and for him to eat at camp. In the cab while on the way back home to my house, the bf asked me to cook maggi goreng but since I was in good mood I decided to cook sambal fried rice. Not only for him but for his camp mates too. The bf was so cute, helping me to pound the ingredients with his other hand covering the face. And he was like "Baby, kenape ingredients nyer tercampak keluar nie?". LOL. So I packed 1 big container for his camp mates & another container for the bf. But he's portion is special cause I added black pepper chicken. Since he'sf riend was on guard duty, he changed to shorts & tee with slipper instead of uniform & boots.

Today will be heading home straight and maybe do a bit of the housework if I'm not tired. Finally, I can have my rest. Since Saturday if my off day, maybe I'm going to the polyclinic. And I applied leave from 6 June to 9 June. Away from work, just what I needed.

10:48 AM

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