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Monday, May 12, 2008

Time for an update! Sunday was a last minute plan to sort of celebrate mother's day.It was the bf's idea who called my mum and asked her out for celebration. Since my younger sis's friend, Farah, slept over at my place, she tagged along too.Farah, my sis & me took our own sweet time to get ready. It was hell of fun applying make-up inside my room. By the time we went out it's already nearly 4pm and bf has reached lakeside mrt station. Me & the bf wore casual slack cause we thought of eating nearby. But that sis of mine told my mum to eat at town. So the mum agreed to eat at cahaya. Since it's mother's day, all of us agreed to go town. Who's the one has to fork out the money for the bills? M-E! But since it's once in a while, I treat them of course. After that, off for shopping. Shopping with the mum is simply best. Cause she's the one who will pay for our items. Ok, I know it's suppose to be me to treat mum but since she offered already, I just grab what I want. ;p My sis & Farah separated ways. The bf & me accompanied mum to Jurong Point to buy some stuffs. After which mum went back home while me & the bf had our double chocolate frappe & oreo cheescake at Mc Cafe. The bf was hungry and die die want to eat nasi ayam penyet at jurong east. After his satisfying dinner, slacked at my home & before midnight he went back.

So today, I have to ditched the plan to go suntec city to buy body shop's stuff since the bf is sick. Right after work will accompany him to the doctor since he badly want me to follow. Pictures will be upload when I get back home, hopefully if I'm not tired. And tags too! My advanced course will be starting tomorrow already. I feel so draggy.


4:02 PM

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