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Saturday, May 31, 2008

My small boy had a jolly good time with his camp mates yesterday, playing bowling. Right after that, slacked at my house as usual, watched vcds, play uno, disturb kecik, lying down beside each other & falling asleep. That's our usual routine everytime we go to each other house.

Last wednesday, we watched AH Long Pte Ltd (I swear it's hilarious funny!) at his house. We had take away dinner together with his famliy. He was so sweet to send me back home although it was pretty late. No words can describe how much I love him.

One sms that I recieved really shocked me me. It was from my sec sch friend also known as my best friend, Hidayah. We lost contact during 2002 (sec 2) and it's been 6 years like finally she contact me. We exchanged sms asking about each other life. After being in & out from the prison, she has given birth to a baby boy. She managed to take her N Level in the prison. I really hope she has changed for the best and hoping to see her soon & also her baby boy although my small boy reluctant for me to contact her. We need alot of catching up with each other life.

Friday was supposed to be a slack day. But eventually not for me. I was so busy with paperwork that I can hardly have time to rest or surf the net. I even procrastinate and put aside some of my work for saturday. Yes, I'm working half day today. Boring! Simply because I was too exhausted by 4.30pm. And partially because I slept at 2.30am the night before just to entertain the bf. I was supposed to stay back for the event at my work’s executive club but I couldn’t be bothered about it. I’ve been spending more than 8 hours in the office. What’s more, staying back late will dampen my mood. Enough about work. Work is never ever ending.

Weekend is finally here & we have already plan for it. Saturday; arab street for our hari raya cloth. Perhaps have my hair cut at far east plaza. I'm still thinking whether to cut or not. And I really hope town will not be scorching hot! Sunday; pasar malam & slack at his house. I want to eat those marshmallow coated with chocolate fondue at the pasar malam. Orgasmic seeing the chocolate flows. And I want to watch Sex & The City movie.

Today is my babe Dinah's 20th birthday! Sms-ed her on the dot & I will get her birthday gift soon. Jaz, any idea?

That was us last year or last two years I think.

That's us taken last month. Meet up soon babe. IMY!

PS: 6 more days to my birthday! And I've taken leave on 6 June - 9 June, just to enjoy & rest.

Ok, time to hit the sheets. Need to wake up at 7am! Damn it.

Before I forgot, Happy 3 years & 2 months to Irah & Azim!
I know the bf forgot about it. But never mind. Pfft!

12:08 AM

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