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Thursday, May 08, 2008

I've been really busy spending time with my small boy that I barely have the time to go online. So my instincts was correct that hate tagers will intrude my blog. Just as what I'veexpected. Type whatever you want cause I can't be bothered by your immature behaviour. I'm happy with my life. :)

But for sure, I never been more happy eversince his back here. On 6 May 2008, he called me around 4am that he's under my blk. He actually surprised me by that cause our plan was to meet around 7am. With my basi face, I ran down and there he was smiling at me. I tell you, my feeling was undescribable at that point of time. We sat under my blk, talking about Taiwan. Went back my home to put his heavy bag pack and we walk towards Cheers to grab something light toeat. It was cold, dark and that was the first time we walk hands to hands at 4.30am. By the time we reached back home, it was already nearly to 5am. We slept together the moment we reacehd home. I woke up first at 7am and get ready. I looked at him,sleeping soundly on my bed. I smile seeing how cute he is. I woke him up and told him to get ready.

We took cab to his place. I pity him with his heavy bagpack so we took the cab. We bought some foodf or his parents nearby his place. His mum was preparingsup tulang for lunch. We watched vcd while waiting for lunch. His parents went out after that and so we have the whole house to ourselves. The sup tulang taste exactly like the tulang at west coast. 2 servings was not enough for me. We took nap together before proceed to town. I mean where else we can go right?I did air brush tattoo with a butterfly on my right shoulder at cinilesiure. NOT worth the 8 bucks. Not that pretty also. We caught Harold & Kumar. It was absoulety hilarious! Too many vaginas, breasts & penis being flashed. The rest of the night were spend quality time together.

Yesterday he picked me up from work and we just havedinner together. I accidently broke the bracelet he bought for me from taiwan. We search high & low to get it fix. I know he felt dissapointed. It was only 2 days ago he bought for me. If anyone of you know anyshop that can fix broken bracelet, please let me know. It's the most precious gift ever.

Back to my house, flipping through my family photo albums. We had a good laugh looking at the photos when I was a baby till my secondary school days. Mum came back home and bought sup tulang(again!)for supper. By the time he left my house, it was already 11.30pm. We talked on the phone till 1am. I miss our usual late night talk when he's at taiwan. Now he's back, everything will be back to normal.

Tell me, how can I not love the bf so much? I sacrifice alot for this relationship. Back then, he made mistakes but still I forgive him.He will still come back to me no matter what.That's for sure, I know he can't live without me.We have gone up and down together. It's not easy being in a relationship.Oh god, I can only hope for this love of ours to last long.
Pictures will be upload sooner or later. Not that much though. I'm waiting for the bf to come here after his fishing. Night people!

9:39 PM

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