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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

HELLO TITIBELLE! Although we did not exchange hi & byeat causeway point yesterday, maybe next time we could.So no more excuses the next time round. :p

Sunday afternoon meet up for light lunch at KFC with the bf. We shared one meal since I'm quite full and play pool. I lost to him for the first time. Member happy eh! We wanted to watch congkak at jurong east but then we were late so off we went to causeway point. Then the bf very gatal, want to go home & change to tee & slipper. I wasted cab fares to & fro from his house to causeway point, intending to catch the 6.30pm show. But the seating left infront only. Instead we caught 8.10pm show. Congkak was ok, only the sound system very loud. But ayat-ayat cinta is still the best.

After the movie ended, we sat under woodland train station. That's where we meet-up for the very first time after talking on the phone for 1 week withouh seeing each other face. Reminiscing about the past is so sweet. We get to know each other from my primary school friend. At that time, I was with my ex (which is my bf's classmate). My ex & I had a relationship problem and the bf knows my exv ery well. After my bf told me everything about my ex,we broken up. That bastard ex of mine passed my number around to his guy friends. I was so pissed off as they been calling been almost every minute. My bf was there for me all the time when I was down.

After the first meet-up, the bf asked me out for a movie. It was not a date, just a casual day out. We caught Miss Congineality 2 at jurong point. In the middle of the movie, the bf lift up my chin & asked me to be his girl. I swear at that point of time I was too shocked to say anything. I just turned away,without saying anything. After the movie ended,he held my hands and I did the same thing by pushing him away. Jual mahal lah katakan. He insisted want to know the answer by that day which is 310305.I accepted him anyway and I can't believe that we've been 3 years plus already. :)

It's so fast that 2 weeks had passed by. The past 2 weeks were spent quality time together. I enjoyed every single time with him. In these 2 weeks, we caught 3 movies, shopping, having breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper, sleepover at each other house,late night talk. I felt that 2 weeks are not enough considering his away from me for 1 month plus.

Alright, I'm done. What a long entry for today.

4:03 PM

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