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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Faziee: i want more updates! =D
Irah: I try to update often but at times feel lazy lar. :)

Baby Boy: i miss u thinking of u i have to work my unit just arrive im so tired dear i miss u so much i need u...muacks..i miss u..miss u my baby gerl sayang dan cinta kan u sayang..love u very much
Irah: I love you too. Been 2 weeks already since your back here. I love spending time with you every single days.

Faziee: where u working at?
Irah: I'm working in a building construction company in admin dept, babe.

Faziee: Obviously you don't understand what she's trying to say...it's simple really... unless you're below 18.
Irah: HAHA! Ignore them jer!

Fyza: your babylove is back finally! have fun,babe ;)
Irah: YES! He's back & I'm so loving it.

Wawakiss: Eh, grow up lah hate taggers! It doesn't mean *** per. Otak kontol siak.
Irah: Tahu takper. Their critism ain't gonna bring me down pun.

Irah: Okay, ini part nampak sangat bukan guy aku yang tag.

Yana: You don't like what you see in her blog, then just exit from here, DUMB!
Irah: Tu lah! As simple as that!

Berry: NATT!! heheheh! i miss calling u dat sia! haha. i hate u. because of u, now i kempunan sup tulang! haahah. mwaah!
Irah: HID! Miss our diploma days seh. Sup tulang nice lar especially at west coast. And aku kempunan popeye.

Syaz:The name small boy suits your bf. Love your vibrant layout! Keep updating tau Irah.
Irah: Thanks. It does really suits him. I will try if I'm not lazy or busy. :p

Anniee: haa.. are u gonna find me too? haa.. im workin there.. haa.. =P
Irah: I went suntec last tuesday. Which part you're working at?

Faziee: babe, i think we are abt the same size u knoww. okay, why did i say that? haha. ur beautiful! =D
Irah: Yeah, we are almost the same size. Skinny katekan!

Nana: I saw you at town together with your guy, 2 girls and maybe your mum. I wanted to say hi but you were busy trying on tops. Lawa benar!
Irah: Yes, I did went there. Next time just say hi.

Titibelle: Babe, you saw me huh? I looked mad? No lah. I was with Kai's fam. How can i be mad or even look mad? LOL! Maybe i was too tired or what. Last min to town what. See la what i& Kai wore yesterday to town. HEHE, paiseyyynyeee!
Irah: Yeah saw you at puncak. Walked passed by you. Masai pun tetap lawa k!

Paula: Skinny is love!
Irah: Oh yes it is babe.

Berry: *sengaje nak kasi natt jealous* TADI AKU BARU MAKAN POPEYE SIAK! AHAHAHA
Irah: Tak jealous pun. Takpe, aku akan try it sooner or later.

Waney: U saw us? hehe i nvr prasan lak...asl tk tegor?? hehe
Irah: Yes, saw kat town. You were walking towards wisma atria. You were walking so fast that's why tak sempat tegur.

Aunt Nura: helo nadirah.. how are u? long time nvr tag here sehh!! take care okay! =D
Irah: HELLO! I'm doing good. I always read your blog but tak tag. Hehe.

Wonder: where are you working at? your workplace looks so cool.
Irah: Mind leaving your real name instead.

My weekend was great. Sleep-over at his house on saturday and today we played pool and slack at my house. Overall, I've been spending time with him everyday. This tuesday he has to book in back. How I wish I can be with him all the time, with him by my side always. Simply no pictures cause we did not even camwhore.

9:48 PM

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